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In an era of digitalization, information is now more available like never before. Results can now be noted due to the constant interaction with audiences. Websites are now publishing articles to help communicate to audiences example on products and services.

 Article writers have now developed significantly to provide only the immediate information which is yet to be in the reader's domain. It is a new trend to make sure audiences are captured and glued to their screens to get informed on what they have no knowledge about. Any writer who can provide information educating the reader, then brings it fast enough, has succeeded.

 Article writers can now give solid information since they can carry out research. Finding information from different areas and combining it realizes the production of a  compact article which the reader will learn from and also enjoy reading. Research has now helped writers give statistics which are true and can be relied on by the reader. Writers who want to be successful have to research since the best content is their most precious weapon.

 Article writers have now increased their levels of creativity, for instance they can now include graphic content, videos or maybe slide-shows in their content which in many cases happens to pique the reader and hold them to the article they are reading. They have also developed skills of keeping information flowing which keeps the reader reading till the end.

 Social media has also developed and article writers are using it to develop in the field of writing. They can now open links and share their content to a numerous number of readers who in turn are backing writers up and giving them the motivation to strive in the writing grounds. Social sites example Google have also risen to the occasion and are helping article writers to pass across message, by authorizing writer's prospects.

 Since communicating with the audience is now possible, any article writer can now write content which the reader needs. This trend has helped writers to shine as they write from the reader's point of view. It has helped article writers give importance to their target audiences hence creating a rapport between the  writer and the reader, for instance writers can know the type of audience they are writing for;if it's a professional one or the layman.

 Since agencies are now asking for top creativity in article writing, a different  trend has cropped up, whereby article writers have been left with no option other than put more efforts to live up-to this requirement. They are now careful to blend creativity and intelligence to create the most catching content, with no grain of  hype,which might bring about criticism from the audience.

 Article writers have also chosen to write articles which keep fresh for long. No readers get interested in reading information which is stale therefore writers have now chosen to give the readers information that keeps its value. Leaving behind of old writing styles is also another trend which in turn has given the reader a dose of something new. Article writers today have chosen to write solely on what affects the reader example culture, commerce etc.

 The trend of self-publishing has also helped article writers develop significantly; they can publish their work conveniently and consistently without the delays brought about by publishers and agents.