A book critique is written with the aim of analyzing a book to highlight on its strengths and weaknesses. It calls for the evaluation of the plot, characters, theme etc to discern whether the author attained their goals in writing the book.The writer must read the book before setting down to write anything. The writer must be attentive to note the author of the book, the title, its target audience, the year of publication, the main aim of publishing the book as well as the characters, the theme, and the topics it touches on. The writer then samples the notes made and chooses the most relevant ones to develop their critique, with regard to their target audience and main purpose of writing it.

 After gathering enough information the writer sets down to write. A book critique starts with an introduction, it introduces the topic of the critique, and  gives a background of the book and author. After the intro comes the thesis statement, which is the main idea to which the content revolves around, it helps give the reader an idea of what to expect from the critique.

 The body of the critique contains the argument summary of the book, the writer should present the author's techniques and styles of building and presenting their arguments. The writer must show if they are successful or not and if not why? The body also includes the reaction of the critique to the arguments of the author, and it should also assess and analyze the strong and weak points of the book.

 Opinions on the subject in question must be supported with solid evidence, by quoting or giving examples to justify their accuracy. The writer should adopt an unbiased tone to put their points across, however, they should make their point of view seen by the reader. The tone of the argument should be appealing to the reader, the writer should speak to them through the writing and carry them logically throughout.

 All arguments in writing a book critique must fall logically so that the reader follows them easily. They should be presented in order of importance from the most important to the least important. Sentences used to present the writer's argument must be of the right length. The writer has to avoid very long sentences which are hard for the reader to follow and comprehend.

 Paragraphs used should tackle an idea at a time, with the ideas strongly backed up by evidence. Ideas in these  paragraphs must have a smooth transition from one idea to the other, it helps strengthen the writer's arguments. Paragraphs should also be of the right length whereby the reader can follow them without getting lost; readers should not dig too deep in-order to extract the information they are in search of.

 The writer's stand on their opinions must be clear, they should show why they like or don't like the book. If the book didn't please the writer, they should show where. The writer must not give the summary of the whole book, claiming to give a critique, it takes all the fun out of any potential reader of the book. Before concluding the critique, the writer must proofread to ensure that the content is free from grammatical errors and that the argument is justified.

A literature review can be defined as an effort to discuss published work, within a specified subject area. It entails presentation of information in an organizational order, and in summary form. It sometimes involves evaluating of sources and giving readers advice on what is most relevant.

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   An article review is generally based on analyzing a particular article then inform the reader whether the article is worth reading. Any writer must state the work under review well and evaluate it appropriately since many readers could not have read the work. It is however advisable that the reader does not rewrite the whole work in an effort to write the critique, they should entirely major on evaluation.

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A business report is an assignment given requiring the student to analyze a business situation and apply business theories, then come up with viable ideas and suggestions for improvement. A business report requires any student to brainstorm on ideas and present the best report, which can be relied on practically. It calls for the writer to weigh different issues before settling down to write a business report, for instance, the audience and the scope of the business. The student must consider aspects like, formality, objectivity, fairness etc.

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