Writing a Book Critique

A book critique is written with the aim of analyzing a book to highlight on its strengths and weaknesses. It calls for the evaluation of the plot, characters, theme etc to discern whether the author attained their goals in writing the book.The writer must read the book before setting down to write anything. The writer must be attentive to note the author of the book, the title, its target audience, the year of publication, the main aim of publishing the book as well as the characters, the theme, and the topics it touches on. The writer then samples the notes made and chooses the most relevant ones to develop their critique, with regard to their target audience and main purpose of writing it.

 After gathering enough information the writer sets down to write. A book critique starts with an introduction, it introduces the topic of the critique, and  gives a background of the book and author. After the intro comes the thesis statement, which is the main idea to which the content revolves around, it helps give the reader an idea of what to expect from the critique.

 The body of the critique contains the argument summary of the book, the writer should present the author's techniques and styles of building and presenting their arguments. The writer must show if they are successful or not and if not why? The body also includes the reaction of the critique to the arguments of the author, and it should also assess and analyze the strong and weak points of the book.

 Opinions on the subject in question must be supported with solid evidence, by quoting or giving examples to justify their accuracy. The writer should adopt an unbiased tone to put their points across, however, they should make their point of view seen by the reader. The tone of the argument should be appealing to the reader, the writer should speak to them through the writing and carry them logically throughout.

 All arguments in writing a book critique must fall logically so that the reader follows them easily. They should be presented in order of importance from the most important to the least important. Sentences used to present the writer's argument must be of the right length. The writer has to avoid very long sentences which are hard for the reader to follow and comprehend.

 Paragraphs used should tackle an idea at a time, with the ideas strongly backed up by evidence. Ideas in these  paragraphs must have a smooth transition from one idea to the other, it helps strengthen the writer's arguments. Paragraphs should also be of the right length whereby the reader can follow them without getting lost; readers should not dig too deep in-order to extract the information they are in search of.

 The writer's stand on their opinions must be clear, they should show why they like or don't like the book. If the book didn't please the writer, they should show where. The writer must not give the summary of the whole book, claiming to give a critique, it takes all the fun out of any potential reader of the book. Before concluding the critique, the writer must proofread to ensure that the content is free from grammatical errors and that the argument is justified.

Literature Review Writing Services

What to Lookout on Literature Review

When writing academic work, you have to set aside a section where you have to summarize other theorists' contributions to the topic and the subject area on which you are focusing. This is what a literature review should entail. Its length depends on the nature of the academic document and the lecturer's instructions. However, in research, it ranges between 3000 and 10000 words. Through these, the researcher is supposed to give a detailed review and comparison of the relevant literature as you seek to further your research pursuit.

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The literature review section is perhaps the most crucial part of an academic paper, yet it is also the most challenging. One reason most degrees have a literature review as part of the coursework is to prepare students for the task that awaits them when they have to write their theses or research projects. However, students still find the task daunting, making them seek literature review writing services. If you lack the basic skills of handling this section of the academic paper, you will find it difficult to understand what it means, let alone what you are supposed to write. 

A good literature review writer should research all the available academic sources, evaluate, analyze, and draw conclusions, which should form part of the study gap that you aim to fill. It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a great literature review. In fact, we always advise that you start your thesis or research project with writing the review so that you can have a clear gap, which you draw from the works of other scholars. Therefore, it is the section of your paper where you have to consult the most. Seek advice from your professors and colleagues on the materials that you can use to enrich your work. However, if you are looking for reliable support for the work, get in touch with PremiumWritingService.com

When you decide to buy literature review online, come to us. We will not sell you a ready-made document. We have a large team of writers who offer customized literature reviews at flexible costs. We have specialists in all academic disciplines who are not only highly qualified but are also time conscious and ready to support you with your topic. We give you a platform where you can communicate with the writers directly to understand how they think and ask them questions that relate to your topic. Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, we can help you create a literature review that is compelling, informative, and will certainly make your research work much easier. 

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  • Fully Referenced: One challenge that students face when writing literature reviews is that they fail to reference their sources properly. When you do not acknowledge and external source, your work has all the ingredients of plagiarism, which can see you get into problems with the authorities at your college. You do not want to get a low grade or worse, expulsion from college. Get in touch with us and get a document that is properly referenced.

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There are no online literature review tools. If such exist, I can assure you that relying on them may be the end of your academic career. No tool can do a better review than an experienced writer and academic. When you come to PremiumWritingService.com, you will get an opportunity to work with experienced writers and editors who understand what goes into a top literature review. Bring your "write my literature review" requests to us and put yourself in the driving seat of your success. Our literature review writers have high qualifications in different disciplines. Moreover, they have vast experience, having been in the industry for more than ten years helping students get top grades from some of the best colleges and universities around the world.


Article Review and Critique

   What is Article Review and Critique?

An article review or critique is the evaluation of a journal or a scholarly text. It interrogates the presentation, legality or application of the document and the subject on which it is focusing. In this kind of essay, the writer is supposed to scrutinize other people's ideas and give an objective response, which may be negative or positive. Students and aspiring scholars fail in their efforts to writing quality article critiques because they do not understand the document they are supposed to review in the first place. To impress your professors even when you are in such a situation, it is proper to get assistance from our article review and critique services.

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Most students do not bother to learn how to summarize and critique an article until they have an assignment that requires them to do so. It takes longer to write such a paper, but it takes even longer to learn the requisite skills to do it competently. You can be in a fix, but not unless you find yourself in a situation where the deadline is fast approaching, and your best option is to seek help from unreliable online academic writing companies. One reason students and scholars prefer working with PremiumWritingService.com is that we only guarantee what we can provide. For instance, if we promise that you will get either a quality article review and critique or your money back, we mean it.

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Business Reports Writing Services

Buy Customed Business Report Writing

Most people who are good with numbers usually find it difficult writing reports on whatever they have done. In fact, they may find it easier explaining to other people verbally than having a written explanation for others to read. If you are facing a similar problem, there is no need to worry. There is always ready assistance on nearly everything academic. At PremiumWritingService.com, we offer reliable business report writing services that can save you the headache of double work.

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Premium Literature Review Service

Premium Literature Review ServiceIf you need a top quality literature review services, written strictly according to your instructions and with no traces of plagiarism, then you are in the right place. This is home for thousands of students who want to buy literature review services from legitimate and authentic U.S company. PremiumWritingService.com is an academic writing company that help students with custom literature reviews assignment. For several years now, we have been assisting students in the united states and around the English speaking world write top quality literature review assignmentsLiterature review involves presentation of relevant facts accurately and in a presentable manner. Our literature review writers know how good literature reviews should look like and they write outstanding reviews that are amazing in quality and value. A good literature review is accurate, concise, and objective, consistence, and it clearly target the audience.

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PremiumWritingService.com produces premium and superior literature reviews that are non-plagiarized. We adopt zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and every writer who works for us clearly understand this. We know that plagiarized work cant give you any grade but it can cost you so much in your academics. We therefore scan all literature reviews before we send them to our customers. We have never received any customer complaining about plagiarism because this is something that we have managed to control. Our writers clearly format customers work and they put reference where needed to prove authenticity of the work.

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When you contact PremiumWritingService.com for your literature review writing, we will complete it within the given deadline. We can write literature review on any literature book because we have qualified writers who are skilled in literature writing. We are to help you and we will gladly do it when you ask us to do so. PremiumWritingService.com is a home of Premium literature reviews.