A Cause and Effect  research paper entails stating a cause(why something happens) and an effect (what happens due to it), For instance water pollution is a cause of dumping untreated sewage into rivers, the effect of water pollution is death of aquatic life etc.The first step in writing this research paper is to identify the event or phenomenon  one is to cover. They should list the most important causes and effects of that particular phenomenon, which will act as the backbone of their content. The writer should draw a clear line between causes and effects to avoid confusing the reader.

A Cause and effect research paper should contain a thesis statement, which  which is a clear one line statement of the content one is tackling. A thesis statement acts as a guideline to the writer to restrict them to the subject they are writing on. It also helps the reader anticipate what they should expect from the content of the research the writer is offering.

A good intro acts as a hook to glue the reader to the content the writer is offering. It should give a brief background of the phenomenon one is tackling in-order to give the reader an insight of what to expect from the content. It should be straight to the point  to give the reader an outright understanding of what the writer is arguing.In explaining the effects of the phenomenon, the writer should at all times refer back to the cause. This helps the reader to make a link between the cause and effect hence an easier understanding. It also helps the audience get the information intended in a more organized way which makes them process details more easily. It is important for the writer to know whether they are writing to inform the reader or to persuade them hence adopt the best writing style suitable for the situation.

In presentation of points and facts, the writer can either present them in a chronological manner, in order of importance or categorically. The chronological manner sees details and facts  in the order of occurrence,the order of importance sees facts and details tackled from the most important to the least important, while the categorical presentation sees details arranged by dividing the content into parts(categories)

The writer should be careful to use effective transitions in the presentation of ideas. Details should blend smoothly therefore a writer should use phrases and words in the correct manner, for instance in stating causes one can use phrases like; due to, because, since, while for effects the writer might use phrases like; thus, therefore, consequently etc

The writer should focus on effects which are direct and relevant as opposed to remote or secondary ones, which occur later. The content should be strong, with evidence provided to any points stated. The writer has to provide statistics, or examples to support their argument, especially when stating personal observations. Research has to be carried out to ensure that information given is justifiable. The writer can source content from the Internet, from libraries or they can interview people who are knowledgeable on the topic they are tackling.

Proofreading must be done before submitting the work,to ensure that there are no gaps left and also to do away with grammatical mistakes.