Just like the name suggests, a comparative essay is written solely to compare two distinct items. These could be views, people or even events. While writing such an essay, a student is supposed to provide crystal clear arguments that leave a vivid memory on the mind on a reader. While it may seem as though you are required simply to make comparisons, the assumption is that you should highlight both similarities and differences. The most important thing is such an essay should answer a given question in a manner that makes sense to the readers. Given it demanding nature, handling a comparative essay has never been any easy. Students struggle whenever called upon to write comparative essays, with only a handful managing handle them to fruition. This where a helping hand from a reputable writing company like PremiumWritingService.com offer a sigh of relief.

Majority of student confuses comparative essays with contrasting essays. A comparative essay must vividly provide both the similarities and differences. To be able to handle such a task, the importance of research and writing skills can not be overlooked. At PremiumWritingService.com, our expert writers employ wide range methods to deliver the best quality comparative essays. These are hereby discussed below:

Point-by-point pattern.

This is one of the methods of writing comparative essays that most professors prefer. In this method, our writers highlight the major similarities and differences by juxtaposing the main objects. This has enabled to deliver the most outstanding comparative essays that analytical and more integrated. Our writers are keen to detail, and works extra hard to ensure our students receive top quality comparative essays that are well structured and present the subject in the most comprehensive manner as possible.

Subject-by-subject method.

Also called the block method, this is one of the methods employed by our top-notch writers in writing comparative essays. At PremiumWritingService.com, we make use of this method when making comparisons of the following nature:

a)When it is hard to find closely related points between two subjects.

b)When ideas about two subjects are related, or extend to each other.

c)When making three or ore comparisons, as opposed to the traditional two.

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