web-based-training-programs With the increased use of technology, various aspects of the traditional educational system have changed. There are many training programs that are being offered online currently, unlike the old times when people had to attend the traditional classrooms to learn. The online training programs have made it easy for people to acquire knowledge on various issues remotely without attending any physical classroom. Many people from across the world have enrolled in such programs as a way of gaining more knowledge of their fields of work. More universities are also opting to offer to learn some of their courses online and also aware people certifications after completion. There are various programs that are available on the web where people can enroll and get trained on various issues — they include the K-12 Blended and Online Learning, Virtual teacher Program, and Learning to Teach Online.

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The K-12 Blended and Online Learning is a course that has been designed to help developers and designers who would want to learn more about these two fields without having to attend a traditional classroom. The course is offered for free, and it allows people to acquire various skills that are meant to increase their expertise in the said fields (Kennedy and Fertig, 2018). Located on the Coursera website, the courses are great and allows one to access graded assignments as well as a certificate upon completion of the same. Socialization has also been a major achievement that people get when taking such courses as there is integrative learning where the learners are able to share ideas with each other. The course is accredited which means that it can be accepted just like any other certification out there.

The second web training course is the Virtual Teacher Program. The course that is offered by the University of California allows individuals to learn how they can become the best teachers in the virtual world (Rienties et al., 2016). Enrolment into the course is free, and then one has a choice to make on the kind of learning that he or she should be involved in. the course also offers a verified certificate at the end to show that an individual as qualified as a virtual teacher and can offer education in an online setting. After taking the course, the virtual teacher is allowed to use the skills that have been acquired to also offer help online to other people that are deserving. There is also a capstone project where one is allowed to apply the acquired skills at a small fee to get to understand their level of mastery.

The third course is Learning to teach online. Just like the course above, this course is offered free online, and it is meant for all educators or any other professionals who might be interested in eLearning. Offered by the University of New South Wales, the course covers various topics that are related to technology to ensure that one gains maximum knowledge from the course that can help him or her become an efficient teacher either on online or blended courses (Enokida et al., 2017). The university is well known and has the right reputation for making people enroll in such courses. The course has an assessment of the learning outcomes, and thus a person will be able to know how best they have gained from the course.

These courses are best offered online instead of the classroom because they are able to reach many people at a go and allow individuals to online learn the information that they suppose will be helpful to them. There are those professionals who might not have enough time to attend the traditional classrooms and thus will have the opportunity to still get the right training from the web-based courses. The benefits that people might get from the traditional classroom are the same as the web-based training only that there is a lot of flexibility for the latter. There is no specific time that learners can study in web-based courses as they can access the programs at any time and also from any place that they are in. another possibility is that there is less money that is used in studying various concepts online compared to the amount of money and time spent learning in the traditional classroom.


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