/the-treasure-of-sierra-madre-as-a-great-wester-film The Treasure of Sierra Madre as a Great Wester Film
In the film The Treasure of Sierra Madre, there is a rick sense of landscape in various scenes, which seems to be awesome to watch but then it is deadly.

The larger part of the film is set in the ranges of Madre. The trio that is headed to look for gold in Mexico has to use these lands with a great landscape as they head to look for their treasure. In this adventure, they have to face various forces of nature on their path, but then they are committed to ensuring that they complete the journey and get the treasure that they want. The high chaparral landscape that has been sown un the film us sun-blasted, and characters have to endure this heat to ensure that they achieve what they have come for. The three gold prospectors are faced with various dangers such as adverse weather conditions, village Indians, and even gangs of bandits as they pass through the landscape towards Mexico. The landscape has brought about rich scenes and thus helped in the development of the film as a classical Great Western film.

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Another aspect of the Great Western film that is evident in the film is the excellent display of man vs. nature, especially concerning the hostile environment.

There have been many instances that have been shown in the film where the rivalry between man and nature has been shown. The first instance of a hostile environment in the film is the hot weather that the actors have to endure as they head towards Mexico. There is no enough necessitates along the way, such as water, and thus nature is shown to be reigning over man. There are strong winds in the desert that they have to cross and the tree shrubs shown in the film are not too friends and can’t provide enough shed for the human beings passing through. The men are needed to display physical endurance and wisdom in navigating these terrains that are borne of a hostile environment. While extracting the riches, the three people have to endure the very harsh and primitive conditions which are a sign of a hostile environment. The hostile environment shows are enough proving for the man v. nature conflict which is very specific with Great Western films.

Thirdly, there is a restrained use of violence in the film.

Throughout the various scenes in the film, there is real violence as men fight to control various resources. In a bar after Dobbs and Curtin have been denied their money by McCormick, they are involved in a fight as a way of collecting back their money. This is the first incidence of violence in the film. As they headway from the Tampico rail, Dobbs is forced to be involved in a gunfight with Gold Hat, who is an outlaw. There is also a gunfight that ensues between the group and the bandits when they are ambushed at the gold mines. Another scene where violence has been shown in the film is the part where Dobbs is killed by the bandits near a waterhole who then scatter his gold dust, thinking that it was sand. Most of these scenes show relative amount of violence in the film. The creators of the film have been able to display the film as a Great Western with various violence scenes that are realistic in nature.

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