The-Role-of-the-Media-in-SocietyInformation media plays an important role in the lives of people including their access to daily news, business news, and commentary on important actions and events affecting people within the community. According to Torgaeva (2014), the responsibility of information media companies and commentary teams is to the people in giving them true information and helping them to understand emerging issues as well as critical issues in their lives. Information media has the responsibility to give accurate information to the people and protect their interests while also ensuring that they shape opinions with the truth and reliable information.

Information media has social responsibility especially towards the consumers of their information, who are members of the public. The main responsibility of the information media is giving truthful and verifiable information (Torgaeva, 2014). Considering the media shapes the opinions of the people, truthful information is a responsibility of the business. The information media also has the responsibility to report fairly, neutrally, and without bias. According to Ghoul et al. (2019), bias in the media creates unfair judgement in the eyes of the public hence the media should act neutrally in the interest of the truth and their customers. Another responsibility that the information media has is to report critical and deep lying issues and information within the country. Journalism is a major responsibility for the information media, which means they must collect information and report extensively even on issues that are not commonly highlighted. The media therefore protects the interests of the people.

The information and news media are both critical in shaping political opinions and views in a number of ways. First, they disseminate political information to the people, which helps them to make up their minds on various political figures and personalities (Valenzuela et al., 2016). The information and news media also helps in ensuring that the policies and plans for various political parties and political leaders are highlighted in the media. The role of the media in this action is ensuring that people have a better understanding of the policies and plans that the leaders have hence be in a better position to criticize and reflect on them. The media also provides political commentary and helps in evaluating candidates political leaders. Aspects like campaign coverage, leadership coverage, and debate coverage are important in shaping political opinion because the standpoint that a media or news outlet takes is effective in how the people receive the information from the political parties and politicians.


Electronic media and their convergence have transformed journalism and the way people consume news because they have turned everyone with a technological device into a reporter. People cannot take pictures and write stories about what they see and experience hence make others to live through their experiences (Valenzuela et al., 2016). More so, access to information has been eased and made faster with technology enabling delivery news on the go for any consumers. This means that news and information is delivered in a real time fashion for the news consumers. More so, news has been made more affordable. The internet and electronic media has simplified the delivery of news and made people to access news faster and more effectively.

In modern journalism, standards have been maintained across all media despite the saturation in the media and rise of new media stations and channels. There is increasing focus on accountability and objectivity in the media. Journalists are still encouraged to be professional and responsible in the manner through which they handle information. These are standards from old school journalism that have been maintained in modern journalistic practice. The standard of confidentiality is still maintained in modern journalism. When collecting confidential information, journalists still protect the identity of their sources, which is important in their practice as well as maintaining the integrity of journalism (Valenzuela et al., 2016).

Satire plays an important role in news today by educating people on important issues using funny and comic comments on the important issues. This helps in passing critical information for the customers in a way that keeps the viewers and listeners interested. According to Ghoul et al. (2019), satire is a new form of activism in news and information media with shows like The Daily Show playing a key role in highlighting the rights and needs of the minority in the United States. Satire shows also undertake research in and report on matters that are often ignored by the mainstream media by placing them in context and effectively linking news to factual information.

As a result of prominence in using satire in reporting news, shows like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and The Onion have provided a new and attractive platform for sharing news. These shows have created a fun and entertaining way to report news that have quickly overtaken the traditional media. They have also created an avenue for commentating on news and events in a matter that creates better perspective while offering fact checks on news and speech by major leaders. These shows have also helped in creating deeper research into issues and policy statements as well as political leadership that has eased the understanding of news and events by the people in the United States.


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