The Rebirth of Caste

the-new-jim-crowThe first chapter of the book talks of the rebirth of the caste system. The caste system was a common occurrence in the American society with the African Americans being discriminated against and enslaved especially int eh south where there was the believe that the laws set for African Americans were laid to ensure that they worked as needed. The reasoning behind the unethical laws was that the African Americans would not work avidly in the farms without being coerced to do so an aspect that led to the civil war whose main players were the African Americans against the caste system that had seen them enslaved and given minimal recognition into the society as they were deprived many of the freedoms that the white people held. The There is the change that indicates the abolishment of the caste system but the author describes the recreation of a caste system that still sees that there is differentiation between the members in the society.

The attack and efforts to abolish the caste system only leads to the mutation of the caste to create a more advanced and harder to deal with form of caste. This is well displayed in the social differences although there are other people that are of a different opinion in that they try and present some few cases that indicate a societal change such as a few successful African Americans such as Obama showing the valiant efforts to ensure a society that is not demarcated along social differences. This however is explained in a setting where there is a cycle that includes confusion and transition with the people that are committed to racial hierarchy only find newer ways in which to achieve their dreams.


The chapter takes on different approaches in relation to the caste system with a larger part explaining the how the caste system affected the people and also how it was possible for the racism enthusiasts to alter the narrative through creating another way to implement the caste system. The author makes the claim that the emancipation process had negative effects in the economy with the 4 million African Americans out of slavery leading to the fall of the South that depended mainly on the free or cheap labor from African Americans. The slave owners had the notion that slavery was a platform in which order would be maintained hence through that there was the chance to maintain maximum supervision that would ensure discipline. Through this then the people at the time would not engage in any form of active resistance.

The author takes a rather active position in promoting the suppression of the African Americans an aspect that is against the need to have a free and fair society. The notion that the people were worried when the African Americans were freed which was in regards to the lack of labor as opposed to the fact that they were stereotyped as being violent which made whites terrified should be an idea that should have an alternative overview where the most appropriate view would have been they were conditioned to be violent by the experiences they had gone through as slaves is an indication to bias against the African Americans an aspect well illustrated by the rebirth of the caste system.


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