The Intelligentsia

the-intelligentsia The intelligentsia consisted of epiphenomenal figures from diverse backgrounds who were considered to be intelligent and wanted to be reforms by overthrowing the government. The group became influential and diverse, and the most common perspective of the group was that criticism and opposition of the inequities that existed and also worked against any form of barbarism. All kinds of people in the society joined including scientists, teachers, professionals, and even lawyers. The term intelligentsia became so common because it involved the aspects of being able to think as well as reason. European languages borrowed the name from the Russians to apply it to those people who were educated and thus had the ability. The term was important to every language as it was to be used to denote the group of people in the society who had greater intellectual abilities than others.

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The main form of literature that was common in Russia was the church literature. Romantic poetry was also common in the country. With the coup in 1917, the Russian literature was turned into political propaganda. The literature that existed provided a way for people to feel and think (Milner, 320). Most of the art that was done in 19th century represented the real-life problems that the people were facing. Literature and art played a major role in giving a platform for social and political discussions. With the wide dissatisfaction of reforms in the country, the intelligentsia saw that poverty was worsening and thus intensified their campaigns against the government policies. The group had creative efforts that were a threat to those in power. With diverse contributions from different areas of the common, the group opened up the mind of people, and thus the masses demanded a better government and thus the coup.

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