/the-experience-of-many-latin-americans-in-the-us Working with Latino communities has taught me that the experience of leaving one’s family behind to look for employment, safety, and fulfil dreams in another country is never an easy decision. Many of the people I work with came into the United States because there were harsh economic conditions in their countries as well as insecurity. I have seen many friends and colleagues who left their families unwillingly and now have to work and send money back to their families. For them, it is not about the money but the wellbeing of their families. Some of the people confess that if they had the ability, they would bring their entire families to the United States. What is sadder is that their stories are related. They all have strong family connections but they separated from them because of challenges they did not create.


Healthcare is a big challenge for the Latino community and many of them reckon the challenge is bigger back where they immigrated from. Financial freedom and economic advancement is challenging when one earns small amounts of money that still have to be divided as he or she has to send some back home. Many of the members of the community who have immigrated into the United States recently do not have good memories of the countries they came from. They have trauma that they have lived with for years, which calls for help to them in order to manage it. When I look at the Latino community, I believe something should be done to help with their family connections including legislation that can make it easier for them to reconnect with their families. I also believe that community relations like small community groups have been helpful to the Latino community in settling in the United States. The community culture should therefore be emulated among more Latinos.

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