the-current-state-and-future-of-marijuana-legalization-in-the-usMarijuana is legal in eleven states in the United States and there is expectation that legalization will continue in future for different purposes like recreational, medical, and combined use.


To explore the legalization of marijuana in the united states including different levels and types of legalization, such as medical only and medical and recreational uses as well as their proper implementation.


I. Legalization of marijuana is undertaken for different reasons including medical only and medical and recreational meaning the implementation is likely to continue across the states in the United States.

A. Legalization has taken legal lobbying and convincing different stakeholders on the take-up of marijuana (Chemerinsky, 2017).
B. Legalization of marijuana for different uses creates more context in the legalization of marijuana in the United States.
C. The legalization is also considerate of the state of use of marijuana in the states presently and the potential effects of continued use.


I. Legalization of marijuana for medical use only has so far proven the best route for legalization and will possibly be the channel for legalization in future.

A. Majority of the eleven states that have legalized marijuana have considered it for medical use because of the potential medical benefits.
B. There is no guarantee that the legalized marijuana will not be abused as there are insufficient monitoring protocols for use in the states where it is legal (Kreit, 2017).
1. Monitoring systems do not exist to check on who uses the marijuana in the right doses.
2. There is no guarantee over usage by people without prescriptions to use it as well as sharing between people even with no prescription.
C. Selling marijuana legalization as purposely for medical use is an easy sell although it attracts criticism from medical practitioners and researchers who argue the lack of evidence of controlled usage (Lohia, 2018).
1. Marijuana for medical use is an emotional sale and emotional sales are easier to make than logical sales.
i. Emotional buying into the legalization does not mean the legalization will have a positive effect.
ii. The definition of the scale to the legalization is absent in the emotional sales.
II. Legalization of marijuana is likely to be more effective for recreational use because people identify with it more (Lohia, 2018).
A. Marijuana for recreation of a tax windfall and people will definitely demand more because they can enjoy it.
1. Taxes are good for the government because they can serve the people better.


2. The question of whether the taxes on marijuana will be unethical is never ending as there are arguments for both.
B. Recreational marijuana targets everyone and the need for regulation will be minimalistic.
1. There is potential of abuse and people should be taught and educated on the limits of use as well as regulation and protection of the interests of the people (Lohia, 2018).
2. In the states where it has been legalized, this has not been studied. However, measures have been put in place to limit chances of abuse.
C. There is potential to set limits on different marijuana sales and create a licensing protocol for sale of marijuana in the United States.
1. A framework for licensing marijuana is easy to work out by looking at what has worked in other states and countries (Chemerinsky, 2017).
III. Looking at implementation and legalization of marijuana in other countries and states across the world is a good way to develop a framework for legalization of marijuana in the United States.
A. Other countries provide perspective into the successes and failures in the legalization of marijuana.
1. The other countries where marijuana is legal either for medical purposes or recreational purposes are a good outlook of the best route. 2. The costs of each approach per country are clear and can be minimized through such comparative legalization.
B. It is easy to understand the failures of the other nations without necessarily experiencing them as much as creating a successful implementation relies on unique factors (Chemerinsky, 2017).
C. Looking at the implementation in other countries creates a wider anticipation of legalization costs both financially and non-financially especially for the US.


I. Marijuana legalization across the United States will likely increase in pace over the next few years with the main focus turning on medical only and medical and recreational use for the legalization process.
A. Legalization depends on goodwill as well as the attention of the legislators towards it in legalization.
B. Some states will move faster because the needs and interest is apparent among the constituents.
1. Public pressure is a major factor in legalization for marijuana.
2. Depending on why marijuana is legalized, it may face backlash from community and religious groups.
II. Lawmakers will be expected to be critical in their decisions and use information from their states as well as other countries across the world.
III. For the eleven states that have legalized marijuana, it is both a contribution to the economy as well as a contribution to lifestyles for them.


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