special-needs-education-case-nalysisWhen Isla returns after her suspension, the special education teacher should show more understanding towards her and her situation because that helps to make her feel appreciated. The teacher should attempt to show more respect to her and find opportunities to praise her so that she feels she belongs to the environment and has also done something good. The teacher should also help Isla to understand that she knowingly misbehaved and should have addressed her concerns better so that she understands the reason for her punishment as fair. In advance, the teacher should talk to Isla’s class about her so that they understand her and be more accommodative towards her. The teacher should also talk to Isla and offer her an avenue to talk when frustrated, which includes becoming her friend so that she may feel free and acknowledged as a person to express herself better.

The school should contact Isla’s guardian regarding her suspension in order to make him/ her understand the situation and help him or her to know how to interact with her and help her throughout the period of suspension. Making accommodation for Isla to lessen her frustration will help in working with her throughout her learning. During her removal from the interim alternative educational setting (IAES), Isla will continue to receive all educational services offered to the other disabled students according to Sec. 300.101 (a) of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (Ainscow, 2019). This will be during the first ten days of her suspension. On the eleventh day, Isla will also receive all the educational services to help her in her educational progress according to IDEAS’s Sec 300.101(d) (Guptā, 2007). By offering services to Isla, the school will be complying with the law and helping her to integrate back with ease.

The main stakeholder is the administration of educational centre where Isla takes her learning. In the administration, the principal and the assistant principal that suspended her is involved. Isla is also a major stakeholder because everything is happening to her and as a result of her actions. Isla’s guardians, as much as not discussed, are part of the case. Ms Hillman is also a major stakeholder because her confrontation with Isla led to the events in the case. Minor stakeholders in the case include Isla’s classmates as well as the instructional assistant and the security that helped in escorting Isla out.


There are a range of punishments that the school can take up for Isla. The school can recommend detention for her as well as counselling as a form of action. Isla can also be punished through seclusion in order to help her in understanding her actions. Restorative justice is therefore the best form of punishment (Ainscow, 2019). Isla should be made to understand that her actions were wrong and that she should apologize for them and reintegrate. This should follow a session where a counsellor helps her to understand her positives as well as mistakes and offer praise where possible. During the course of punishment, Isla should be provided with all educational services in accordance with to Sec. 300.101 (a) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Should Isla’s parents appeal the decision, Isla will stay put in the IAES until the appeal is determined as fair or otherwise and the decision to either uphold or alter her punishment taken.


Ainscow, M. (2019). Teacher development and special needs: some Lessons from the UNESCO project, ‘Special Needs in the Classroom.’ Special Needs Education, 238–251. doi: 10.4324/9780203080313-20

Guptā Mañjū. (2007). Special education. New Delhi: KSK Publishers & Distributors.

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