/sound-and-choreography In the film Singin’ in the Rain, the sound has been used enhance images and appearances in different acts in the film. There are many parts in the film where the soundtrack has integrated well with the images in the film. There is a heavy reliance on the various illusions that are created by the relationship between images and sounds. The announcer’s voice at the start of the film where people have gathered for the premiere of the new picture says that “Ladies and gentlemen, I am speaking to you from…” makes it easy for the audience to note that the speaker is directly addressing them. When the asynchronous announcer is seen, there is an aspect of mis-en-scene especially on the prominence of the microphone. Even though it can be seen that the creators tried their best to have the film have sound, it also turns out that there are fluctuations in the sound that create dynamism. The aspect of sound through characterization has been used to show the contrast between the voices of Lena and that of Don Lockwood.


Choreography in the film is evident through Kelly when he is sharing his feelings of happiness with the audience through dance. On a deserted street, he can be seen making various moves that are a show of the celebration of the aspect of being in love. Not even the heavy downpour can stop him from expressing his happiness. It is easy to note that there is a sharp contrast between his internal feelings and the reality on the outside through this scene. There is an expression of immense and true happiness through the various movements that Kelly makes. The movement starts slowly before intensity is introduced gradually to make the choreography much memorable. Kelly starts the scene by walking before both the music and dancing gain momentum becoming more cheerful with time. It is through these scenes that one might deduce the role that dances and songs have on the film. The movements in space make it possible for the audience to see the empty street that Kelly is dancing on as a stage where he, as a dancer, is performing.

There is the repetition of simple motifs that are introduced gradually before becoming ore evident with subsequent appearances. Another scene where choreography has been employed in the film includes showing dance as a transference of feelings from a dancer’s body to a stationary one by Kelly when holding the umbrella. The dance moves that are shown in the film include total form body movements instead of highlighting parts only. There is used of tap dancing, which is the prominent feature of this dance. The rhythmic consequences of the leg movements coupled up with the sound that is made with the movement of the feet make the whole piece unique. The stamping is light as the feet get to leave the floor immediately after stamping an indication that the space that is needed for the dance is small. However, this impression is change with the spreading of arms as well as the use of the umbrella which shows that there is need for more space to perform. There are jumps and splashes that are shown towards the end which come out stronger and occupy a broader space, which might indicate that there is extreme happiness on the side of the audience.

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