Reflection-Health-Care-Reflective-EssayThe inter-professional learning experience was interesting and enlightening. I had a great chance to accomplish my goals for leadership by engaging with various individuals during the experience, such as other professionals, patients, and families. Leadership competencies are essential in the healthcare profession, and I was able to realize such capabilities through the inter-profession experience. I interacted effectively and directed other team players to plan on delivering quality and timely care to the patients.

Leadership is one of the most crucial abilities of healthcare workers. The inter-profession experience fostered my leadership competencies as I had the opportunity to influence the behaviors of other professionals and stakeholders to promote a common goal, which is the delivery of excellent care to patients. I realized that communication is one of the most crucial elements in healthcare leadership. For instance, the experience allowed me to interact with patients and their families as well as other professionals, and such an engagement required me to be proficient in how I passed different messages to them. For instance, I would deliver concise, precise, and consistent messages to every team player to help them understand their roles. I was also attentive to the feedback I received from other professionals and the patients as I understood that they had a crucial contribution to the decision making process in the experience.


I learned that I am an excellent team player, but I am at my best when leading the team. I enjoyed prompting others to assume their roles effectively and creating appropriate relations with them to serve the needs of the patients. I also recognized that as a pharmacist, interpersonal skills are fundamental as the work involves engagement with people with different characters and needs. As an individual, I always purpose to alleviate diverse challenges that people experience, such as health issues. Generally, I can assimilate the inter-professional experience in my future pharmacy practice to help other healthcare learners to understand the need for leadership, collaboration, and communication in healthcare.

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