Production Analysis: Romeo and Juliet

production-analysis-romeo-and-juliet Written by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story about two young lovers whose deaths unite their conflicting families. The story has been shown in theatres and production centres as well as different film productions across the world. A production analysis for the film will therefore explore specific elements of the film such as design element, staging, and diversity that will attempt to unify the film despite it having been adapted multiple times in different contexts and settings.

The play uses costumes from the renaissance period. According to Lukinova (97), renaissance-style costumes in the play help in throwing the play back to the period when the events happened, the renaissance period in the city of Verona. The costumes created meaning to the play by helping to contextualize the time when the story happened. They also help in strengthening the roles of different characters in the play. Showing royalty and grace from the renaissance period was best undertaken through the costumes. In the film, Juliet mainly showcases the red and white royal-style attire from the period, which shows the class of her family and purity of her love. The costume also includes knee breeches, a long-sleeve lace up, and a ruffled poet short, which shows elegance and boldness as well as a blend of style that helps in pushing the themes of love and duality that are mainly embraced throughout the film.

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The choreography towards the end, which includes Juliet going into a death-like coma, Romeo killing Paris, and Juliet killing herself is one of the most impactful elements of choreography for the entire play (Lukinova 45). This choreography was particularly powerful because it showed the duality of love and the encounters of two people deeply in love that chose each other every single moment. It created meaning because it brought out all the themes of the play in one scene. Romeo and Paris emphatically dramatized the duality and rift between the two families which ended in the death of both. Romeo shows the theme of love and reunion by killing herself for the love she had for Romeo while killing herself with Romeo’s dagger shows the unity that death brought between their families. The conflict and ultimate sacrifice undertaken in the film was dramatized emphatically in this element of production.

Lastly, issues of social diversity are visible and prominent throughout the play. At the start of the play, Romeo is dressed in the knight it his armour, which he carries through majority of the play while the servants are dressed in Viking dresses, showing they were not necessarily noble (Lukinova 18). Mercutio also proposes dissimilarity of the people in the film based on their social class, which further shows the divide in social class among the people within the film. The film also shows a disparity in gender and gender roles as Juliet is unable to refuse being married off to a point of faking death through the coma.

In conclusion, Romeo and Juliet is not only a love tragedy classic but one of the most symbolic films from the renaissance period that help in highlighting differences and duality in the society. The direction of the film and its production throughout the time it has been adapted has been excellent helping in highlighting themes to perfection and creating a good imagery of the characters and intended meaning.

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