Population Aspects

population-aspects The town that I have chosen for the assignment is Edison, Georgia. The total population of the town in 2018 estimates was 1,441 people, and the median household income for the region was $17,452. For an average American from any part of the nation, the median household income stands at $63,179 the same year. The percentage of people who live in poverty in the town is 44.2% while the poverty percentage across the whole country is 11.8%. the percentage of people who have attained an educational achievement of high school graduates or higher is 74%, which is lower than the average of the whole nation which is 87.3%. the persons without health insurance in the town are 24%, which is also higher than the national percentage of 8.5. The median housing value in the town is $45,900, while the total housing units stood at 584 in 2018.

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The US’s median housing value in the same year was 193,500, and the number of units was 138,537,078 (Vespa et al., 2018). The male median income for the town is $17,941, while that of the females is $11,326. For the whole country, the male media income is $44,408 and $31,610 for women across the country (Colby and Ortman, 2017). The number of veterans in Georgia town stands at 40, and the percentage of families with broadband internet connection accounts for 56.5% of the total population of the town. The number of veterans for the US stands at 3.3 million and the percentage of people connected to broadband internet connection is 78.1%.


Colby, S. L., & Ortman, J. M. (2017). Projections of the size and composition of the US population: 2014 to 2060: Population estimates and projections.

Vespa, J., Armstrong, D. M., & Medina, L. (2018). Demographic turning points for the United States: Population projections for 2020 to 2060. US Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, US Census Bureau.

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