Photographs-Versus-Written-WordsGenerally, technology has transformed the modern world, whereby different and more efficient tools and systems have been developed. The aspect of communication has also changed with the emergence of digital tools and means of passing information. People have turned to the photographic trends of sending information abandoning the written words. Individuals would prefer to utilize their cameras to keep records of different events instead of writing stories in diaries. The printed mediums of communication are slowly becoming obsolete due to the emergence of mediums, such as films, televisions, and telecommunication tools. The photographic means of communication have consequently become more powerful in the modern world than the written means.

I believe that photographic communication has gained widespread acceptance and preference because of its convenience and ease in information transmission. Videos and pictures are extensively used in learning institutions over written materials to transfer knowledge to students. Visuals provide a better basis for understanding a concept to learners compared to the long texts contained in books. Pictures are designed in varying ways to help the viewers to obtain the right message depending on the context. Besides, visuals can be comprehended by every individual, including uneducated individuals, since they are not required to understand complicated terms but to view the images as presented to them. Similarly, visuals make it easier for governments and other institutions to convey regulatory messages to busy citizens since most individuals are likely to ignore wordy messages due to lack of time.

As the corporate world is advancing, competition has increased, and this has prompted organizations to adopt better and more efficient methods to advertise their products. People may lack sufficient time to read wordy adverts in newspapers or brochures from different companies. Hence, it becomes more efficient for companies to promote their products through visual channels such as televisions, videos, and images on various forums online. The visuals play a crucial role in conveying messages of different commodities to extensive masses of people since people tend to find reading written materials unexciting and tiresome.

Although the photographic means of communication have gained popularity in the modern world, it is undeniable to state that written communication is also required when conveying some messages. For instance, written words are crucial in official and interpersonal interactions. The use of images to transmit information gives the audience the liberty to interpret the pictures based on individual perception. When people have different interpretations concerning a single picture, the delivery of the intended message is not achieved. Hence, images need to be accompanied by words that provide brief descriptions of such illustrations to prevent people from misinterpreting pictures. Words support pictures to allow audiences to gain a proper comprehension of the desired message.

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The use of visuals has in communication has become more widespread compared to written words. People consider the photographic methods of conveying information more efficient and convenient since less time is required to take pictures and view them. In contrast, written information takes a considerable amount of time to record and read. Images are also more appealing to the audience who consider reading tiresome and unexciting experience.

Photographic means are prevalently used by business people to promote their products when targeting a large number of people. While written words are considered obsolete, they still need to be incorporated in communication to accompany images to enable people to understand the intended message.

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