Personal Statement

personal-statement Soon after obtaining a biomedical science bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, I was deeply saddened to see that my poor academic history left me with no chance to pursue a medical education. I had a GPA of 2.8 mainly because of personal drama in my family as well as prolonged financial challenges that negatively affected my studies. Before I began my medical treatment, my post baccalaureate GPA was 3.63, a good performance that was later affected by other factors. I tried to convince myself that perhaps a different career would fulfill me and could align with my desire to help others. I tried business, art, education, and dental studies. But soon I came to realize that no other career option fascinates me the way medicine does.
Compelled by a new attitude, I implemented extensive life style changes and adept efficient time management and study skills. I also acknowledged that success is implausible without a well-established goal. Therefore, I took advantage of ample volunteer opportunities in order to explore the healthcare field and its career options. My versatile personal, volunteer and clinical experiences within the past four years have provided me with invaluable insights.

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Inspired by my mentors’ achievements, I have been striving to reach to the level of personal maturity, and gain clinical knowledge, and devotion that the route toward becoming a physician obliges me. My mentor helped me to understand that in order to become a good physician, there is need for me to expose myself to a lot of case studies and practical clinical work. This is a lifetime experience that requires a lifetime education and exposure. I now embrace the challenging and mysterious journey ahead more than obtaining an ultimate degree itself. I would like to dedicate my life to medical practice and clinical research which pursuing a medical degree safeguards accomplishing my purpose.

I believe that my experience will also be a great asset for me in this course and generally in my career. My leadership physiology and chemistry learning assistant positions were very rewarding as I was given a chance to assist and guide my younger peers in their academic path. Teaching also reinforced my communication skills and nurtured my insatiable desire for learning. My current clinical position as a licensed EMT and Scribe has offered me a unique chance to practice the application of theoretical knowledge and medical terminology. Caring for patients has fueled my eagerness for succeeding in the demanding endeavor ahead. My exposure and experiences in the medical field throughout the past 5 years can potentially give me a competitive edge to succeed in this program. I no longer have a desire to just solely receive a grade as I feel it is of upmost importance to learn and expand my knowledge so that I may practically apply it in the near future. I am motivated to work harder as a result of the exposure and experience that I have had. I have experienced the satisfaction and reward of helping other people while working in the aforementioned roles, which has strengthened my desire to join this course and be more helpful to more people.

I would not obtain my achievements without a high level of self-efficacy and my eagerness to overcome a variety of limitations that I once mistakenly presumed as typical. In May of 2019, I was eventually diagnosed with a medical condition that had impacted the quality of my life and productivity for over two decades. I faced many challenges as a result of this. For example, sometimes it took me a whole day to read a chapter that took my classmates a few hours. I also suffered from having a reduced concentration span that affected my studies for a while. Additionally, I forced myself to become a morning person in order to increase my reading and study time. After two weeks of receiving treatment, I experienced a significant improvement in my academic productivity, learning efficiency and other aspects of my social life. Looking back, I appreciated my capabilities and accomplishments even though I had to spend a tremendous amount of time and effort in comparison to others just to compete for a grade. I am proud of my resilience and ability to continue studying even after diagnosis. I now believe that my post baccalaureate GPA and test scores have not fairly defined my educational aptitude. Therefore, I would like to demonstrate my true potential and competency by prospering at a rigorous and recognized graduate program.


I am excited about joining USF’s graduate master’s program because I believe it will help me as an educational guidance and framework that will anchor me to success. The work based nature of the program where students sit alongside medical students and can compare their knowledge and experience also thrills me. I will be able to study pharmacology and histology for the first time before attending medical school as well as being able to experience the MCAT elective course that can help me improve my score when retaken. I would also like to be part of the programs because of the reputation of the school that precedes it. I know a few people who went through the school who are a motivation to me to learn and be successful from the school. Compared to many other schools, some of the things that thrill me about this school include professionalism and organization of school board, facility, admissions committee. Had I known this during my undergraduate studies, I would have taken advantage of the knowledge. Unfortunately, I did not but I intend to take full advantage of this chance. More so, USF is among a few schools that offer gross anatomy and I am excited to work on real cadavers. I am interested in studying endocrinology as USF will provide me a stronger scientific foundation which will help me get into clinical research. I would also love this chance because it will help me to advance my network and knowledge in a wide range of areas.

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