Internet Hinders Human interaction

internet-hinders-human-interaction With the inception of technology, there have been many changes that have happened in the world. The invention of mobile phones revolutionized communication, and it made it easy for people to communicate with each other. In the current society, there are many people who have mobile phones that they use for communication and also interactions. These interactions are not possible without the internet. it is the one that makes it easy for people in long distances to communicate. Despite the benefits, there are many ways that the internet hinders human interactions. The internet hinders human interaction by reducing face to face interactions, lack of emotional expression, and also it has led to social isolation.

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Firstly, the internet hinders human interactions by reducing face to face interactions. The internet allows people to communicate through their phones or computers using social media platforms. An individual is able to communicate with another through these sites, and thus this makes it impossible for the two people to meet face to face (Brand et al., 257). With more interactions over the internet, the face to face communication is reducing as many are opting to deliver messages and various communications through their devices at their homes. It is a common trend that has changed the way that human beings interact, and thus it hinders the right way that communication and interaction should be done.

Secondly, the internet hinders human interactions through the aspect that is not possible for people to fully express their emotions and also others to read the emotions (Wallace, n.p). When people meet, it is possible that they will be able to understand the emotions of the other person. The internet has made it possible people to hinder their emotions, with many of them assuming happiness emotions all the time. It makes it hard for humans to understand each other and offer any form of help that is necessary.

Finally, the internet harbors human interactions by leading to social isolation. Many people these days are holed up in their homes on computers and mobile devices on the internet. This makes it hard for them to get out and interact with other people (Brand et al., 255). The internet now allows people to make orders for even food commodities, and this makes it possible for people to even have food and other necessities without going out. This makes it hard for people to interact with others as shopping can be part of ways that humans get a chance to interact with each other.

As discussed above, the internet has come with double fortunes with many benefits to the world, but it has also affected the way that people interact with each other. More and more people are preferring to use their gadgets throughput to interact with people and thus getting rid of the traditional methods of human interaction. There is a need for people to change their addiction with the internet as way of ensuring that future generations realize the importance of people interacting in the traditional way. Every person has a role to play in ensuring that the interactions of face to face and meeting people are enhanced in society.

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