horror-in-the-shinning The film has the use of extreme angles in introducing the hotel, an aspect that is common with horror films. The creators of the film have employed the use of various wide angles to illustrate scenes in the film and make the scary part of the move much more effective. There are large portions of space that are covered around the characters. When Danny is riding through the corridors of the Overlook Hotel, the creators have used extreme angles before he meets ghosts along the way. The extreme angles have also been used to show most parts of the hotel especially when it gets scary. Another part where this has been employed in the film is that part that Jack’s wife is about to see what his husband has been typing on the typewriter. There is a wide view that is employed to add to the suspension of the film. The use of extreme angles in the film has been successful, and it is characteristic of the common aspect of the horror film of the old times.

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The film has more suspense and fear of what would happen next with fewer scenes of violence. This makes the film just scary and not much gory. The first scene where suspense has been employed is where Danny is negotiating corners of the hotel with his tricycle. There is eerie music that is playing on the background, and this leaves the audience in suspense without knowledge of what is next. The alternating scenes of the twins and also when Danny closes his eyes, it brings about a feeling of suspense on what he will see once he opens his eyes. O the Typewriter scene also, there is a feeling that someone is watching Wendy and herself is scared judging by the look in her face. Wendy is seen to be frantic as she flips through the papers and then the fear is increased when Johnny mysteriously appears from one of the dark corners. The ax scene also shows flipping scenes that show Wendy and Johnny alternatively and thus creating a lot of suspense. The film has successfully employed various strategies that have created suspense and fear which is a feature that is common with horror films.

There is unsettling music and sound has been used in the film to bring about the grotesque nightmare feeling. In the scene where Danny is playing with his toys, there is suspenseful music that is being played, which keeps the audience guessing on what should be the next expectation. There are specific sounds that make the movie creepier after Danny finds the two twin girls. The music that has been used enhances the aspect of creating a disturbing atmosphere from the type of sound that is played. The pedals of Danny’s tricycle in the film have also been used to sound in a specific sequence and even if the scene includes a child that is enjoying his toy, there is a lot of disturbing and shocking mood that engulfs this scene. There has been the use of sound in the film to personify the look of the hotel. When Jack is also advancing at Wendy, there is a sound track that has been used to show the intensity of the moment. The use if extra-diegetic music signals how Jack has transformed in the film.

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