History-Industrial-RevolutionWhat factors contributed to child labor and what challenges did these children endure in the Industrial Revolution? Many families during the Industrial Revolution were financially challenged and struggled to meet their expenses because of unemployment or underemployment. Hence, many were forced to seek employment opportunities in growing factories to solve some of their economic hardships. As a result, children were forced to labor in full-time jobs to help their parents with generating extra income or support themselves (Archibald Buchanans Interview). In this paper, I will discuss the challenges that children endured as factory workers and cover some arguments from opponents and supports on child labor. Also, the study will give an opinion on which group is more persuasive.

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During the Industrial Revolution, juvenile factory workers were forced to work for long hours with little or no meals and were often mistreated (Hannah Browns Interview). Also, they were exposed to extremely dangerous and poor working conditions in factories that compromised their health. Children worked in dangerous areas with bad ventilation, as a result, developing lung infections and other health issues (Elizabeth Bentleys Interview). Others experience physical injuries such as broken limbs while handling heavy work that exceeded their power or when working with machines (Hannah Browns Interview). Supporters of child labor during the Industrial Revolution believed that children were a source of cheap labor. Also, they argued that children were easy to control and manage, hence getting them to work for extended periods was easy (Abraham Whiteheads Interview).

On the other hand, opponents of child labor argued that this activity was unhealthy and threatening. This is following the exposure to dangerous conditions in the factories that affect the long term health of the children working as factory workers. This includes problems with early death and the inability to lead a healthy lifestyle like other kids because of the poor working environments and heavy workloads (Charles Aberdeens Interview). To sum up, opponents have a convincing argument because of the health issues that were associated with such work that children were unable to cope.

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