/film-improvisation Curation ideas, creativity, flow, and spanning of dance are influenced by improvisation, which is defined as spontaneously creating movement to create a dramatic and thought provoking musical content. Improvisation creates a good visualization and communication of the themes and different setups and areas of communication in dance. Improvisation helps in communicating different messages as well as keeping audiences engaged through new and unexpected movement and style in dance and performance. In Let ‘im Move You: This is a Formation, there is a lot of creativity and improvisation that leads to incredible body movement throughout the dance. This essay evaluates improvisation and dance in Let ‘im Move You: This is a Formation. Improvisation is used effectively to match social codes and social issues as well as using body movement and structures to create meaning and help in understanding of the themes ion the dance.

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The first element of improvisation is in dancing with other people in studio and enclosed spaces and audiences. In-house dance movement is challenging to improvise because of a controlled environment through which the actors perform. The artists improvised through the use of J-Sette movement that helps to create figures and shapes with their bodies. The movement is high energy initiated by one artist and adopted by the other artists in a seamless uniform manner. This improvisation helps to keep the body and mind engaged as well as the audience following the dance movements and performance of every artist. It is one of the best dance improvisations for audience engagement. J-Sette movement also creates high energy moves that not only show creativity but also help in imitating some common images and scenes.

Improvisation also worked through performance structures created in the group and individually with the body of the dancers. While the J-sette movement was the main theme of this innovation, the dancers jump off points as a way of creating structures and formations that are appealing and attractive. The structures also keep the interest in the dance performance high and help in maintaining engagement. The structures are a sense of communicating social forms and relationships such as interaction between different dancers as representatives of the society. Social norms and actions are therefore a major element of the dance improvisations. Transitioning was also another way of showing the performance structures that helped in showcasing the skills and technique of the artists.

There was also improvisation that mimicked and enforced various social issues especially the issue of gay practices and movement. The performance simulated actions and movement synonymous with gay bars and clubs in different places such as men holding each other and simulations of gay dancing and pole dancing. Attention, pattern, and rhythm were important in the improvisations that helped in meeting these social needs and issues. The patters and rhythm created strength and emotion that helped in showcasing the desires and interaction of members of the gay community. There were elements of the J-sette movement visible in the gay improvisations but they did not take away from the portrayal of the main theme of gay emotions and interactions.

There was also an outdoor improvisation. Dance in this sense showed the connection that the dancers have with the society within which they live. Showing dance on the streets using normal movements like walking and jumping off chairs with a mild integration of the J-sette movement was critical in the message of the dance. With this form of improvisation, sexuality was a major theme hence the improvisations all worked to show the integration of gays in the community along the streets. The improvised movement also helped in showcasing the relationships and interaction between the gay people on the streets.

One of the major elements of improvisation was the dressing and props. Dressing and props in the dance were not only used as a way to make the dance but also as tools of storytelling and theme emphasis. The dressing of the artists helped to create emphasis around the theme of sexuality. The artists looked free with their bodies especially dressing to show their gay theme and freedom to act for the gay people. This was evident both in in-house improvisations and the outdoor improvisations. There was also use of stairs, poles, and tables, which helped in emphasizing sexuality as a running theme in the dance. As noted throughout the dance, the use of heavily oiled bodies also helped to further the theme of sexuality and gay modelling.

In conclusion, improvisation in different aspects of dance is an important feature in communication of themes, motifs, and characters in dance. Let ‘im Move You: This is a Formation helps in showcasing some creative improvisations for the dancers that helps in ensuring there is clear transitions, relevant costumes and props, good patters, and the use of J-sette movement. The improvisations not only created a good flow in the dance but also enhanced the communication of the main theme in sexuality especially gay rights.

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