/fictional-and-dramatic-elements-great-westerns The film falls into a Great Western because of the plausible stories that it contains.
There are various stories in the film that are quite believable because of the amount of realism that they contain. The story of a prostitute being killed is plausible. This is the main foundation of the film because it is after this kill that a bounty is put on the heads of the cowboys that were responsible for the same. Another plausible story in the film is the retiring of Munny, who was a bounty killer to look after his kids after his wife passes away. The idea that he has to get money to cater for his kids despite having been retired is plausible. Most parents will go up to any length to ensure that they secure the future of their children. It is the reason that he finally signs up for the bounty hunting because he really needed money to cater for various needs. The beating of Bill and Bob by Little Bill is also plausible as there was an anti-gun law in the town. The plausible stories are clear in Great Western films.


There is a strong romantic sensibility in the film.
First, there is romance for the new life for various actors in the film. There are those bounty hunters that had retired, and they have embraced their new life away from crime. Munny and another outlaw Ned Logan left their lives of being outlaws and embraced a new kind of life. The second type of romance that is evident in the film is the romance of money. The prostitutes understood that for them to get justice for their fellow prostitute, they had to use the $1000 bounty. This is the bounty that has brought all the outlaws to the small town with the aim of killing the cowboys. This shows a great love for the money by most people in the film. Hunting for the cowboys comes out as also a romance of adventure. The bounty killers are excited about the new excitement besides getting the money, and they are doing what they love best. This is the love for adventure that even brings into operation the outlaws that had retired as they have to feel again what it is like to be an outlaw.

There is an excellent use of sound and music in the film to convey emotions as well as turmoil.
The most common sound in the fil is expressive which is used to bring about a dramatic effect on the film. A distinctive scene where the sound has been used is when Munny is trying out his pistol to see if he still has the same aim as the one he had 10 years ago. The sound of the gunshots is loud, and the loudness seems to be more than it could be in normal cases. Most parts of the film are silent in terms of music, but there are instances that Western music has been played as a way of showing that the movie is a classical western. The music is a true reflection of the moods at every moment that it is being played. Music and sound come out strong as major aspects in the film that identifies it as a Great Western film. Their use has enhanced the effectiveness of the message.

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