Couple-TherapyThe article explores the effectiveness of couple therapy as a way of treating a couple's distress. The piece also elaborates on exactly how couple therapy has played a considerable role in reducing marital distress. Two methods that have played a significant role in ensuring that couple therapy remains to be a success as it has been in the contemporary world. IBCT and TBCT are the two types of couple therapies that have indicated significant progress even for the considerably distressed couples (Lebow et al., 2011). Even though coupe therapy has played a substantial role in ensuring that the couples improve and also helping them to deal with individual problems such as depression and substance abuse, the field has continued to receive minimal support from the government. Thus, the research that has been carried out has been done using a small-scale number (Lebow et al., 2011). The use of small numbers does not paint the actual picture on the effectiveness of the couple therapy. However, important researchers have continued to feel about the need to look into the problems that will affect the people and using coupe therapy to address some of the problematic issues among the individuals.


The article also explores some of the plans that couple therapy procedures such as IBCT could have underway. The need to include the veterans in the therapy procedures is a venture that could help in saving the government a significant amount of money. The article also considers the role of the internet in ensuring that the couple therapy models such as IBCT reach to a more significant number of patients at a subsidized cost. The need for government support, however, remains a considerable concern as it is elaborated in the journal article.


It is disheartening that mental health is not perceived as important as the physical wealth despite both being life-threatening conditions for the patients. The fact that coupe therapy has been tested and tried and has indicated a 86% efficiency rate makes it a method that the government needs to put the focus on, more. The paper also highlights some of the plans that are underway, especially for the groups of people who have often been overlooked, such as gay and lesbian couples and veterans.

The idea of inclusivity for all kinds of people, despite their social capability, is one of the needs that have sparked an innovation that anticipates using the internet to reach the couples and individuals who are not financially capable of registering for therapy. The article has elaborated the crucial measures that they have undertaken as a way of ensuring that the method remains both cheap and effective. The report exposes some of the issues that one could not have conceived as being direct influences on the success of the marriage. For instance, the fact that couple therapy has helped help people to deal with their challenges has comforted the people while giving them hope. The hope that patients' mental conditions and health do not and cannot affect the quality of marriage has been extensively explored. The article has been useful, in helping one to understand the methods that are used for counselling couples, the need for the government to involve herself in the efforts that individual researchers have done so far. The article has been informative and educative, helping one to understand ways that the various types of therapies are essential.


Lebow, J., Chambers, A., Christensen, A. and Johnson, S. (2011). Research on the Treatment of Couple Distress. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 38(1), pp.145-168.

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