comedy-in-thank-you-for-smoking There are scenes that are humorously exaggerated, and most of them are relatable to some real-life things.
At the start of the film, it is noted that research that has been done to ascertain whether tobacco smoking causes cancer, it has been found that the smoke is not responsible for cancer. An important factor to note in this part is that the research has been funded by tobacco companies. The humor in this part is exaggerated, but then it is quite true that there have been issues raised that note that there is no relationship between the smoking of tobacco and cancer. There are many people who go out defending such companies such as Nick in ensuring that more people have smoked cigarettes or tobacco. It is hard to understand how Naylor could have thought that it is because of his smoking of a lot of cigarettes that would have saved him after he was kidnapped. There are other people who think that smoking a lot of cigarettes will make them immune, with little considerations on the great effects that they can have on their bodies.

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The film contains uses topics and events that are regarded as taboo and mainly related to death in an unusually humorous or satirical manner while retaining their seriousness.
The issue of cancer is a scare, and many people regard it as a taboo. This is because the disease has no cure, and thus most people do not like joking about it especially on the way that it can affect them and even lead to death. In the film, the idea of smoking causing cancer has been used humorously by denying that tobacco is not responsible for causing cancer. This is a sign of satire that shows that people might be aware of the dangers that smoking poses to their lives, but then they will not have great consideration for this as they will have to smoke. The seriousness that has been retained in the film is that smoking can lead to death. Another scene where Naylor wants to gain sympathy from people after his kidnapping ordeal. He is using the chance to let people know that smoking is good and can help them when they are in need.

The comedy can also be seen to be a romantic one because there is the development of a relationship between a man and a woman.
There are various comedy lies that are visible in this as well as various social interactions between the two people in a relationship. From the film after his kidnapping, Naylor enters into a relationship with a young journalist named Heather Halloway. It is during their relationship that Naylor that Heather pretends to be consoling him after he falls into depression. Convinced that he can share with her, he then narrates to her all about her dealings as well as personal life. This is the information that she later uses to publish an expose showing how the tobacco companies are wrecking the lives of many people. She also writes that Naylor is grooming his son Joey to also follow after him in the tobacco business. The relationship between the two developed quite well and got steamy before he could open up about the company and his work. This affects the life of Naylor as all the mercy that people had shown him before kidnapping evaporates.

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