Boeing 737 MAX Article


The assigned reading focuses on the Boeing 737 MAX that has caused accidents in the recent past leading to the deaths of nearly 400 passengers. The main point of the article is that the company did not involve Test Pilots in the process of making fatal planes. This was against the company procedure where the comprehensive input of the pilots was much-considered bat all times. The main areas that the article highlights where their input was much needed to be involved the design, briefing, and testing before the planes are allowed to operate normally. The main important issue of why the text pilots have to be involved in the process of manufacturing a plane is because they will be able to understand the full capabilities of the plane. It will also enable them to understand how to respond in case there is a situation that needs the same attention. According to the article, the issue of isolating pilots on these important stages of plane development is a clear sign that the company did not follow the right way, and thus this might have been part of the reasons that led to the crashing of the two Boeing 737 MAX planes.

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From the article, one can deduce that there is a lack of functional level strategies that can be used to improve the efficiency of the planes that the company is manufacturing. Boeing company had the chance to ensure that there was increased efficiency for their Boeing 737 MAX by involving the test pilots who had competed other projects before. Efficiency is focused on the outputs and inputs, which include the efforts and resources that could have been used in the making of the plane as well as the end product which is the plane. The effectiveness of the specific project could involve the various steps in accomplishing the goal of having a fully functional and effective plane. There is a failure from the side of the company in ensuring that they achieve efficiency and effectiveness by isolating the input of pilots, which is essential in ensuring that problems are rectified early. The article clearly notes that the behavior of isolation of the company pilots was new and worried many of them.

There has never been an official communication from the company concerning accidents such as acceptance of liability. The mistakes that have been highlighted by the article seem to be deliberate, and everyone was aware of the problem that was to come out of the isolation of the pilots. Even though the company was told that the isolation of pilots was not a good idea by a senior pilot, it can be noted that they did not take any steps concerning this. Those who were included in the process were only informed lightly about the MCA system which was introduced to the planes and no further and detailed explanation for the same was provided. There is a lot of laxities and I think that companies should learn out of this. The aviation industry, as well as other engineering fields, should take a keen interest in the development of their products. The catastrophes that faced this company's planes could have been avoided if the right procedure was followed. There is a need to have proper ways of solving problems and have the right input to ensure success to a project.

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