Research Propasal Sample:Health care and the elderly

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The old have been neglected since time immemorial. The aged has been under certain unfavorable conditions that are not conducive for their livelihood. This poses a threat to their health thus making them to be prone to infections. Since the elderly are at times less immune it’s most likely for them to be infected with small infections that later worsen to more serious infections or disease. With this, there is needed to take care for the aged as we learn on how to plan for the old age days to avoid the old age problems.

According to study done by Humber and Robert (67), some of the facilities that are available for the aged are always health hazardous as they might not be having the energy or the adequate capital to acquire more advanced and human suitability. These facilities include house hoods as well as some of the health services. If a policy regarding the caretaking of the aged can be formulated, passed, and implemented, many old individuals can benefit from it.

With the elderly neglect in the health system, there are rampant cases of deaths resulting from the various illnesses that affect the elderly (Vincent et, al, 107). Once the lack the access to medical facilities they end up being tormented slowly with the disease which afterwards results to their deaths. This is greatly bringing great losses within the country for most of the important personals within the society. They bring about the blaming amongst involved family members due to the lack of the ability to afford quality health services of their past aged relatives.

Lack of the affordable medical services for the elderly to have their access to be undergoing for checkups is also another leading issue to their deaths. The elderly may not be quit financially stable to undergo frequent or even the occasional checkups (Humber and Robert, 97). This makes them develops complications in their bodies but due to lack of the checkups they are diagnosed while too late to solve them. This is a serious issue as many of the aged are losing their lives.

The health problems among the aged is also a limiting factor to their economic activities that they would do if they are healthy. Most of them ends being nursed at home by their relatives which at times ends up being a burden to them. the lack of own investments where they would rather have some incomes is also propelled by the fact that they find it much difficult to facilitate them with their ailing and aging bodies thus surrendering from their investments.

Once the health facilities are not available for the elderly, there arise cases of lack of the elderly appreciation. Institutions that handle the elderly are in the high demands but they are nowhere to be available for the services. This makes the elderly to lack the appropriate care for their old age thus looking like neglected group. This makes it hard even to notice their illness or even health changes. Unnoticed changes are usually dangerous as they may be a terminal infection which ends up to their loss of life (Gupta, 29). In facilitating and avoiding the cases of elderly health hazards, various policies ought to be taken into account to curb as well as to prevent the cases of elderly health issues.

Proposed solution

Free medical facilities policy

Medical help will be the first priority. With good health, any person can function properly. It does not mean that the aged should not work. Given the work they do does not affect their health, and then they can go ahead and work. Medical help can be provided at various health care centers in the country. The policy also suggests that some stations be established where this help will be available. The government has to be part of the project. Some drugs should be provided free by the central government and transported using government vehicles to different stations. This is to ensure that these services are brought close to the public for the benefit of all aged individuals.

The aged are eligible for free good health facilities in all public health centers and hospitals. This provides for ways in which the old will get health facilities in different centers. The old experience several health needs during their old age. Some come because of old age while others are brought about by problems such as poor diet and poverty. Old age is associated with various diseases (Gupta, 72). Old people who initially were drug addicts feel the effect during the old age. This will make sure that all the aged, regardless of their early life get free medical services in all public health facilities and selected private centers.

In addition, the policy would ensure that in the states that the old will be eligible for monthly health checkups at the health centers. These checkups are meant to ensure that diseases are noted at early stages and treated. Several deaths are caused by ignorance. Symptoms develop slowly, but culprits do not give them the seriousness they deserve. This results to serious complications that might lead to death if not handled early enough.

Finally, the article claims that these health services might extend to children living with the aged. These might be orphans or adopted children. This is to reduce the burden that the aged are left with due to these children that they live together with. The children at times miss school lessons in order to take care of their ailing aged relatives The sick will also receive priority in comparison to those in good health. The funds will cater for their hospital bills and other personal necessities. Some chronic diseases require technical treatment and should cater for of by the government.

Climate changes are one big challenge to the aged. Most diseases that are related to age are caused by unfavorable weather conditions. Cold conditions are not good for old age. They may cause respiratory diseases and end up bringing breathing problems. In addition, extreme hot conditions are also, not good for old age, they comes with various discomforts. This is also another fact that should be checked in details to come up with mechanisms that can be out in place to eradicate the cold problem among the aged.

Helping in Getting Prepared for the Old Age policy

The second policy is to increase understanding and awareness on aging issues and help adult people in country prepare for the old age. If people could foretell what is likely to happen in the future, they can work hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Preparing for the old age is the best thing a young individual can do. These policies will enlighten the young adults on the right way to prepare for the old age (Gupta, 83). Schemes such as pension schemes and life insurance are a few examples that will be provided in the policy for the benefit of both the aged and the aging population. Saving in banks for the old age is always risky. One is likely to withdraw and spend money that poses danger in the old age.

Social Income for the Aged

Though there is a social fund for the old in the country, only a few individuals benefit from it. This ought to be fully implemented in such a way that all old individuals in the country will benefit from the project. The fund will be distributed according to one’s need and financial position. This would be in the move to improve lives of the aged population by the provision of security income (Beers and Thomas, 29).

Just like Supplementary Security Income (SSI), the policy would come up with a social fund that will be available to the aged. This will mostly help the aged with low income and limited assets. With some cash at disposal, the aged can develop their own life as they can afford almost all, what they need. This means that all old needy individuals will have some income to spend after their retirement. This would greatly play a substancial role in improving their living standards as well us having the adequate funds to cater for their health problems.

Appreciating the Role of the Aged in the Country

Vierck and Kris (23), the other policy would be in the move to increase the ability of the old to remain active and healthy all over the country. The policy will also try to help the old live independently in their respective communities as they would be much healthier. Active old people are also productive. They help in national building and sometimes the breadwinners to their families. Health comes with joy. The aged needs happiness and good life. If they are unhealthy, they are likely to die at very early ages.

 This is the reason why it is always important to check the health conditions of the aged and if a disease is identified, it should be treated immediately. The old can be encouraged through involving them in community development. Involving them in different activities creates a good picture to them. They feel appreciated and celebrated. They regain the power to be part of nation building despite their old age.

In most of the countries, the retirement age is 65 years. There have been notions to change this age as the old would like to work a little longer before they retire. This was triggered by age discrimination cases that were in reported in countries like Florida State. This policy tries to challenge the notion that age comes with problems (Lynn, 89). This policy intends to support the public and other private sectors in coming up with age friendly products and services. There will be several TV campaigns that will be doing the advertisements. Though such appreciation measures, there will be heath related initiatives for the elderly thus benefiting from the policy.

In most of the countries, there are no proper policies about the rights and privileges of the aged that are health related. The reason for this might be due to dormancy of old individuals living in the countries. They also might be less informed about services that the government should be offering to them. This policy should, therefore, enlighten them about these services which also include the health facilities and services for the aged. This is because; most of the aged have no funds enough to have their own health services.

The modern culture is very youth-oriented. Very few young people like being associated with the aged. It is, however, worth remembering that everyone will get old. Old age comes with wisdom, experience, and respect. These are some of the things the society should pride from the old people (Beers and Thomas, 69). The lives of people in their old life should not be miserable. It should be improved and that’s what this policy would try to do. Age is not a thing that one should be ashamed of, rather one should celebrate after attaining the old age. The young generation should be in the forefront in celebrating the aged. Even though this age comes with several challenges, care should be given to this group of people to make sure that they live a happy life.

Lynn (56), the policy would develop programs that will make life of the aged a little easier and bearable. As stated earlier, the aged have been neglected for many years. Though there are a few who receive old age services, these services do not meet the required status. This group is always left out as it is seen to contribute very little to different economic developments. This is, however, not the case. The input of the aged people is very important in any growing population. Their experience and advice to the working people can serve a significant role for economic development. The notion where the young generation lacks importance in the old age should not exist since they play a significant part that is irreplaceable. It is also worth noting that for a workforce to be fair, there have to be both the young and the old people. This helps both in decision-making and running organizations' day-to-day operations.

Implementation and Evaluation

Any plan is only good if it is implemented. These policies might not be beneficial if they are not implemented. Though their implementation comes with the cost, they will finally be of great importance to the old age. The policy provides for procedures that will be used to follow, direct, and monitor its full implementation by all stakeholders. This is not just a plan; rather, several actions will follow. The document only provides the guidelines that need to be followed when implementing the policies. Several actions will portray the way these policies will be implemented.

Annual and Semiannual Committee Meetings

First, the government's office, several state agencies, and committee are supposed to meet semi-annually to get reports about the development of policy implementation. It is the same meetings where different achievements and barriers will be identified and discussed. The progress will then be presented to the state leaders twice a year. Such follow-ups are intended to ensure that each stakeholder taking part in this policy will be answerable to the part allocated to him/her (Vincent et, al, 44). Taking responsibility is a pillar in any activity that involves a group. In the case a group of people fails in implementing parts allocated to them, the committee will decide whether to fire or retain them depending on the magnitude of failure.

Collaborations with NGOs

Various state agencies, the private sector, and local governments will also be included in the implementation of the policies. Joining hands with many partners will make the task of implementation a bit easier. Each partner will be given a role to play where a partner will be required to give a report after every one year. The private sector together with the governor's office will work hand in hand in the process of helping the aged have their satisfactory health facilities. Within the next few years, other partners will also been inculcated which would make it even easier for the policies to be implemented.

Appropriate Amendments

The policies put in it will be continually amended where important parts will be retained while sections that seem ambiguous removed. The policies are quite flexible though any amendments will be accommodated for any formulations. This characteristic is one significant boost to the implementation of the policies. This is because the aged will have the opportunity to give their feedback on how the policies are being implemented. If their views are evaluated and seen to be valid, they will be included in the policy but if they are not, they will be left out for debate. Through this, the aged would be able to give out their satisfying health levels thus improving their health standards (Vierck and Kris, 56).

Public administration is the best system that can be used to collect important information about people living in a given area. For the policies to be fully implemented, the government representatives’ offices will play a major role. The offices are in a position to identify the number of aged people in the state and the state they live in. The office can also assist in follow-ups that will tell the degree to which the policy is implemented.

Public Knowledge

The government ought to work hand in hand with the policy development committee to come up with a process that will be used to update the public on the achievements the team has achieved in implementing its goals (Vincent et, al, 58). This will give the public a green light on how funds released for the aged are utilized. The committee will also come up with ways of punishing individuals who are likely to engage in unlawful activities, in the project. Embezzlement of funds and lack of proper care to the patients will be highly punishable.

Training and Seminars

Marginalized aged is the most affected by old age. Counseling can work well for this group. These services will be given to them free. Any time an aged individual visits a health center for diagnosis and treatment will get free advice and counseling. The advice will comprise of ways of leading a healthy and stress-free lives (Jones and Owen, 67). They will also get advice on the best diet that will prevent getting various diseases connected to old age. Training and seminars are the best avenues where the aged can be counseled where they can also share their views and experiences.


The plan also be planned to extend to old adults who are almost getting to the old age. They too need good preparation before they get into the old age. Psychological preparedness help this group in fighting depression that otherwise might have occurred due to old age. However, this group might not benefit from funds intended for the aged. They will have to wait until they get to the age of sixty and above. There are the implementations that are the key features in improving the social and health lives of h aged which are; medical assistance, security income and advisory services to the old especially the marginal aged.

This will improve their living standards and create balance between the old and the young generation. The policies elaborate simple steps that will help reduce loneliness that is experienced by the aged. Befriending services, and grants from community members of the community. Some of the money collected from the well-wishers could be used to buy vehicles that will provide door to door transport for the aged. The policy also allows charity programs that will raise funds for the aged.

Works Cited

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Research Proposal Sample-Effects of fast food on health

Research Proposal Sample-Effects of fast food on health - 1.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews
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Fast food is the modern style of feeding in all ages ranging from two years to sixty years old (Hogan, 57). However it contains high levels of calories from refined fats and sugar in the artery clogging saturated and hydrogenated fat, that are repeatedly heated to high temperatures for the frying purposes. The topic is pertinent to research on and provides fundamental information on the food related issues (Jakle, 46). Fast foods act as the easiest way to dieting because of the readymade food. It has adverse health aspects and threats to human health (Jakle, 56). Fast food has challenges to human health and may have result in illnesses at different ages of life. It is high in sodium that comes from common salt and additives (Schlosser, 78). In addition, fast food is deficient in dietary fibre and important micronutrients like vitamins and minerals (Levinstein, 23).

Research Questions

  • ØWhat are the effects of first foods on human health?
  • ØHow does fast food affect the cooking and eating behaviour of individuals?
  • ØAre here benefits of first foods in enhancing nutritional content of a meal?
  • ØWhat causes the change from whole diets to fast foods among households?

Research Plan

The research plan entails the initial conceptualization of the research topic for further studies. The topic is refined and it is followed by the development of the proposal writing (Hogan, 57). Upon approval or modification of the proposal, literature review is the next stage from academic and up to date resources. This precedes development of questionnaires. Data collection both secondary and primary sources of data are key in hypothesis testing (Jakle 2001). A discussion of data analysis guides and explains key findings and results in reports writing and presentation in the research report.

Works cited

Hogan, David. Selling 'em by the Sack: White Castle and the Creation of American Food.

 New York: New York University Press, 1997. Print

Jakle, John. Fast Food: Roadside Restaurants in the Automobile Age. Schweras: Johns

            Hopkins University Press, 2001. Print

Levinstein, Harvey. Paradox of Plenty: a Social History of Eating in Modern America.

 Berkeley: University of California, 2003. Print

Schlosser, Eric, Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, Houghton:

  Mifflin Company, 2001.  Print

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Sample Research Memo

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Step 1: Identify the Problem

  1. a.Problem identification

Is it necessary for Midwest Realty to say that the future commitments involving lease will lead to losses?

  1. b.Analysis of problem

Midwest Realty stated that the least commitments were synonymous with operating leases. This also implies that the agreement could not be cancelled because it was standard. The leases were to make the monthly payments for a period of 10 years with an option of renewing for 5 years. Consequently, the lease agreements bound Midwest Reality regarding the lease of all offices.

  1. c.Redefined problem statement

Are there possibilities of identifying a current contingent loss in relation to commitments that bind the future rental?

Step 2: Evidence Collection

  1. a.Before reviewing the authorities, it is necessary to list the key search terms related to leasing. To search the website, some of the required key words include rental expense, contingent loss, losses, lease, and contingency, among others.
  2. b.Identification and reviewing literature and other sources

Step 3: Evaluation of Results and Identification of Alternatives

The following facts are evident in the documents after a close evaluation.

  • It is possible for Midwest to forward funds as the payment of the vacant offices.
  • There is the possibility of Midwest incurring losses due to lack of revenue generation from the remaining 6 offices that are still vacant.
  • There exists contingency of the loss in relation to whether Midwest is in the position of subletting the vacant offices. It is intuitive to state that the occurrence of the loss is plausible and its estimation is known.

Contingency occurs in different scenarios involving accountability of losses and profits. Similarly, there are different types of losses that an established business can incur. In this case, the above facts prove that the loss incurred is contingent.

Step 4: Conclusion Development

The essence is to determine the exact amount of loss incurred on the rental commitment on the vacant offices. The loss is significant in this case because it carries a significant financial value. For instance, the loss should be recorded in the financial statements for the purpose of documentation.

Communication of the Results

Addressed to Calvin Brian, Controller

From XYZ, CPAs

With regards to your vivid requests, several reached a conclusion that we wish to communicate to you. It was possible to draft different matters and their impacts on Midwest Realty. The most important issue that needs urgent attention is the concern about the ease of determining a loss on the rental commitments on then vacant offices. The other concern is about the loss contingency that is more likely to surface. A loss contingency should only be charged on income under two occurrences. The first occurrence is the proof that there is a loss. The second occurrence is the scenario where the exact amount of loss can be determined reasonably. The two occurrences are the main proofs of imposing accruing charges on the loss contingency. Currently, Midwest Realty is ready to pay the lease amount on the vacant offices. Additionally, the company is yet to generate any revenues due to the effects of the incurred cost. It is our pleasure to declare that the offices in question can be subleased. It is intuitive to affirm that the total loss accrued by the vacant offices will be a minimum estimate of the actual loss incurred.

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Sample Research Proposal -The Strategic Design Problem

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Research Topic: The Strategic Design Problem: Strategic Organization of Search, Learning and Innovation in Organizations Comprising Multiple Agents and Levels


The theme and subject of the research is to identify strategic design problems that relate to search learning, and innovation in organizations that comprise multiple agents and levels. The strategic management of such organizations has always been a problem to most businesses. The background of the problem entails the issue of failure by organization to find solutions to problems that are triggered by multiple agents and levels of organizations. Organizations have always lacked important information to implement relevant strategic design approaches to solve the organizational problems.

The research question: How do organizations deal with the strategic design problem entailing the strategic organization of search, learning, and innovation in organizations comprising multiple agents and levels?

The project is project is relevant because it will answer the question of research appropriately. Additionally, the findings and recommendations of the project will be useful in solving organizational strategic design problems. The project will also fill the knowledge gaps that other pervious research projects and literature failed to fill. Applicability of the results of the project will be unlimited in such a way that they will be used by organizations to solve their problems in a strategic manner. Therefore it will solve the real world problems of dealing with problems that arise from multiple agents and levels. This is a real world problem that affects the rate of achieving organizational success in terms of profits and attainment of the long-term goals.

Literature Review

There are numerous research studies already done on this area of research. Most of them offer information on how organizations should conduct strategic designs to find lasting solutions to their problems. There are descending opinions in the past theories on the issue of strategic design (Bentz 128). Therefore, the literature covered in this research is purposefully designed to broaden the topic of analysis to greater levels of understanding. However, the literature is limited because most of the past studies did not cover the problems that face organizations with multiple agents and levels.

Strategic design is concerned with the use of future-oriented principles to enhance the competitive and innovative qualities of an organization (Braganza and Ward 104). The formal definition of design relates to the concerns of creating discrete solutions to solve problems. The problems may be related to a service, a product, or a building. Therefore, strategic design is a formal application of traditional design challenges (Meroni 34). It encompasses all concepts of problem identification, opportunity identification, and delivery of concrete solutions to the problems. Determination of the best strategic designs should not be motivated by intuition or assumptions. Their foundations are deep-rooted in the analysis of internal and external data. This enables administrators to make decisions using strategic designs that are based on facts, but not assumptions (Moura and Adler 115). Reliability of the process enhances the concept of bridging research, innovation, and management.

The discipline of organizational strategic design is consistent with design agencies. They are also a consideration of internal development departments (Pedersen 44). Strategic design is basically meant for business consumption because it is more applicable in businesses as compared to the non-business organizations (Santos 85).

Strategic design has several applications as far as the development of businesses and achieving growth goals are concerned. For instance, strategic design is limitlessly applied to strengthen product development, product branding, service delivery, and corporate identity (Yu and Janssen 299). Therefore, it is an essential business management approach due to its capability to create a comfortable cliché for competition. Innovations are predominant in the market place; hence, businesses must strategize effectively to have their share of the increasing global market domain (Svengren 5). The competitive markets have created an environment where innovation determined the success of businesses. Strategic design is a key player in determining the fate of a business because of its effectiveness in finding solutions to the problems that face such businesses (Svengren 4). The current trends in business management and the growth of businesses indicate that strategic design is the most essential asset of any business that is in the process of development (Strauss 66). To compete effectively in the current market, businesses should embrace product and service change. Failure of which is advantageous to the businesses that embrace change.

The importance of strategic design has taken a new direction in the corporate world. In fact, the members of management of any business should be privy to the most effective strategic designs in addition to their leadership styles (Svengren 7). As a result, most organizations higher managers who have the spirit of embracing change through strategic design. It is intuitive to state that managers and businesses leaders have the capability of adhering to the standard rules of strategic design to enhance a higher positioning of their organizations’ services and products (Storbacka 260). Visionary leaders conceptualize the agenda of strategic design for their organizations for matters pertaining to focusing on organizational growth within the shortest time possible. As a matter of fact, businesses offer room for improvement and change, if necessary.

Research Design

The research project will take a qualitative design methodology to collect data for analysis. The first element of the research design is the sample population that will participate in the project. Information will be solicited from both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources will be contacted directly though surveys, interviews, and questionnaires. The secondary sources include websites showing the history of the selected organizations. The research question will be used to draft effective questions for interviews and questionnaires. Additionally, it would be appropriate to refer to findings from cohort studies that determined the change of organizational strategy design over a certain length of time.

 Case study is an important research design methodology that also encompasses the cohort studies of various organizations. The project uses the case study and proactive designs to take care of the changes that are likely to be experienced in the course of the research. This is also contributed by the fact the study will be progressive to determine the identity of the changes. Additionally, the research designs are important for this research because they provide for reliable results. The use of survey methodology through interviews and questionnaires will widen the scope of the project in terms of collecting exhaustive information from the study sample. Such designs are also consistent with the terms and conditions of the respondents because they are non-invasive in nature. Therefore, relevant information will be solicited from the study sample without any fear of compromising their ethical considerations. Therefore, I expect no limitations in terms of failure to achieve the research objectives. 

Works Cited

Bentz, Ione. Preliminary studies on innovation in services from the strategic design

            perspective. Strategic Design Research Journal 4.3 (2011): 127-131. Print.

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            recent discipline. Strategic Design Research Journal 1.1 (2008): 31-38. Print.

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            Methods and Approaches for Companies' Strategic Development. The Design Journal

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            design in government and public administration. Electronic Government, an

            International Journal 7.4 (2010): 299. Print

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Sample International Business Opportunity Development

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Goodnature is a New Zealand firm that is committed to the provision of pragmatic solutions to one of the most serious environmental challenge, the decline of biodiversity. The firm aims to achieve its objectives by designing and manufacturing automatic traps that can humanely kill pests and rodents animals. After killing the rodent, the devices reset themselves. It is vital to note that the traps designed by Goodnature are toxin free, and they have been designed to save the user’s effort and time. One of the firm’s objectives is to constantly work towards the development of new products that effectively control pests. Goodnature developed a new humane rodent kill and trap technology that is readily available to the wider pest control market. The new product is called A24 Automatic Humane Kill Trap for Rats. During the trial phase of product development, the new product was able to eliminate the predator rat population. The monitoring rounds at the trial site confirmed zero percent monitoring rates. This indicates that the rat populations in these sites had been minimized to zero. The A24 product is a multi-species kill trap that targets stoats and rats. The product is well suited to all environments and terrains.

Purpose of the Project

The aim of this project is to facilitate the creation of strategic partnerships with a major pest control agencies in the U.S. Goodnature seeks to understand strategic partnership opportunities with a pest control agency such as Orkin.

The second aim is to understand the “do it yourself” market in the U.S. This will provide an opportunity for the strategic entry into the market based on the understanding of end user’s purchasing decisions, values and requirements.

The third objective is to understand product requirements, opportunities and channel options for toxin free, commercial pest control solutions. Goodnature seeks to understand these aspects with regards to large scale food storage and productions installations.

Strategic Partnership with U.S Pest Control Agency

Orkin is an American pest control firm that is based in Atlanta. Founded in 1901, the firm became a wholly owned subsidiary in 1964 after it was purchased by Rollins Inc. The firm has successfully formed research partnerships with major universities around the U.S. Additionally, it has formed research partnerships with organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for pest related disease and biology research and studies. For pest control, Orkin uses the AIM approach, which stands for assess, implement and monitor. Additional solutions for pest control include assessing activities, implementing programs based on activities and monitoring the effectiveness of their programs for their customers. It is vital to note that Orkin has a proactive approach that incorporates treatment with low environmental impact.

Market Potential, Opportunities and Threats of the A24 in the PCO Market in the USA     

A24 has immense market potentials and opportunities in the pest control market in the U.S. In addition, the product has several threats. A24 has potentials in a market that has annual revenues of approximately $11 billion. Annual growths in the market from 2008 to 2013 were 1.9 percent. The pest control industry or market in the U.S employs approximately 112,858 people in 22,533 pest control businesses. Goodnature is entering into a market that has receptive customers. The recovering housing industry in the U.S will benefit the industry and Goodnature. It is expected that the new home owners and previous home owners will demand A24 in order to eliminate rodents within their premises. This will also create a need for regular inspections. Discretionary incomes are expected to rebound because of the favorable financial conditions in the U.S (Vinturella & Erickson, 2013). As a result, consumers will increase their spending on restaurants and hotels. Increased activities in these establishments attract rodents, which will lead to the creation of a market for A24. 

The main threats to A24’s target market are competition and pest action threshold. The U.S pest control and management market is highly competitive. ServiceMaster and Rollins Inc are the major players in an industry that has 22,533 businesses. The two firms control 60 percent of the market share. In addition to competition, Goodnature may be limited by pest control action threshold. The threshold is set at a point in which environmental or population conditions indicate that pest control actions must stop or start (Pimentel, Lehman & Springer-Verlag, 1993). This means that sighting a pest does not necessarily indicate a need for pest control.

Current Rodent Control Methods within Organizations

Most organizations in the U.S use the integrated pest management strategy. This is an effective and environmentally friendly and sensitive approach to pest management. The approach relies on common sense practices. The integrated pest management method employs comprehensive and current information concerning the life cycle of pests, in addition to the interaction of pests with the environment. A combination of this information with a number of pest control approaches helps in the management of pests based on environmental friendly and economical means (Pimentel, Lehman & Springer-Verlag, 1993). The integrated pest management method uses all appropriate pest control and management options including the use of pest controlling devices and pesticides.

Influence and Drivers to Action for Product Use Decisions of Pest Control Operators

Factors that influence action vary among pest control operators. Most operators are influenced by environmental concerns. Other operators are influenced by economical and social factors. Operators that are influenced by environmental concerns base their decisions on action threshold. They evaluate the need for pest control and use the most appropriate method for pest control. Operators that are influenced by economical factors base their actions on the availability of cost effective pest control methods, regardless of the environmental impact or outcome (Pimentel, Lehman & Springer-Verlag, 1993). Operators that are influenced by social factors consider the outcome of the pest control methods and the impact of the outcome on the society.

Influences and Drivers to Action for Customers Requesting Rodent Control Services From Pest Control Operators

Most customers are influenced by economical factors, and driven by the need to eliminate the population of rodents within their premises. Once these customers identify pests, they request the most cost effective pest control method that will eliminate the rodent and other populations within the premise. These customers use this approach in order to minimize their costs of pest and rodent control (Pimentel, Lehman & Springer-Verlag, 1993). In some of the cases, customers request highly targeted approaches such as trapping, mechanical control and the use of chemicals that will disrupt the physiology of pests. In case these approaches do not work, the customers shift to the use of non-specific chemicals. 

Health and Safety Standards and Requirements for Pest Control Operators with Rodent Trapping Devices and Competitor Products Such As Toxins

There are guiding principles for pest control using rodent traps and toxins. These principles guide on the usage of non-lethal or lethal means for rodent control. The aim in either case is to control rodents without causing harm to the environment, humans, plants and other animals. For the case of trapping devices, the health and safety requirements stipulate that the trapping devices must be regularly inspected. Inspection will ensure that the trapped animals are disposed off before they compromise the health and welfare of people and animals living around the trap. Regular inspection also ensures the removal of non-pest species. The American law, Wild Mammals Protection Act 1996, states that animals should be killed in a humane and reasonably swift manner (Maredia, Dakouo & Mota-Sanchez, 2003).

The health and safety requirements for using toxins need pesticide formulations, compounds and application methods to present the lowest possible hazard to the environment and humans. The application or use of toxins should observe all precautions. All works that require the use of toxins should be performed in strict accordance with applicable state, federal and local health, environmental and safety requirements. In cases where the applicable regulations and legislation are in conflict, the most stringent regulation takes effect (Maredia, Dakouo & Mota-Sanchez, 2003). Most importantly, the applicant of pest control toxins takes full liability and responsibility for compliance with applicable regulations concerning environmental protection, safety and health of personnel and residents during the execution of the work. 

Regulations, Import Restrictions, Tariffs and Customs Requirements on Mechanical Trapping Devices in the U.S

The importation of mechanical pest control devices in the U.S is subject to several fees and taxes. These are paid as the devices undergo the customs clearance process. The mechanical devices are subject to three critical taxes, the industrialized product tax, import duty and merchandise and service circulation tax. Importers of the devices into the U.S market must register with the Foreign Trade Secretariat. The main requirement for the importation of the devices is the marking and labeling requirement. The U.S Protection Code states that mechanical rodent control devices should have labels that provide customers with easily readable and precise information about the device (Maredia, Dakouo & Mota-Sanchez, 2003). The U.S government may place restrictions on products or devices that it deems to cause harm to human health and the stability of the environment.

Contact List of Appropriate Executives within the Pest Control Operator for Engagement and Pitching Of the Product

Executives of Orkin


Contact information


Eugene A. Larocci

2170 Piedmont Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Phone: 404-888-2000


Harry J. Cynkus

2170 Piedmont Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Phone: 404-888-2000

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Gary W. Rollins

2170 Piedmont Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Phone: 404-888-2000

Director, Chief Executive Officer Of Rollins Inc

Greg Clendenin

2170 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Phone: 404-888-2000
Fax: 404-888-2012

President of Southeast division

Freeman Elliot

2170 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Phone: 404-888-2000
Fax: 404-888-2012

President of Orkin’s Atlantic division


 The User Practices Of the “Do It Yourself” Pest Control Market

Matrix of Competitor Products and Competitor Marketing Strategies

Competitor Product

Competitor Marketing Strategy

Terminix (ServiceMasters)

The marketing strategy used by Terminix International is focused on identifying customer attrition and creating customer retention solutions. ServiceMaster gathers existing data and verifies the data through additional market studies. Based on this data, the firm develops new services and training programs. These are aimed at resolving service and product quality issues, in addition to creating marketing collateral that builds value for customers. The firm also adjusts its corporate culture and attitude in order to ensure that customers are well served. Additional marketing strategies include the development of sales techniques and scripts that overcome objections, and assist customers to fully understand the value of their services. The firm also increased the number of surveys that target customer satisfaction in order to understand customer needs and wants.  


The marketing strategy used by Rentokil is based on five strategic aspects. The first aspect is the delivery of exceptional customer services. This strategy will help in driving customer services across the firm’s business range. The second aspect is the development of the capability of the organization and its people. This strategy involves the establishment of category capabilities in pest and rodent control. The third aspect is the delivery of operational excellence in the firm’s functions and processes. Using this strategy, the firm will introduce consistent performance and goals measures. The fourth aspect is the facilitation of operations at low costs. The strategy will increase agent productivity, maximize route optimization and increase daily sales. The fifth aspect of the strategy is the delivery of profitable growth through bolt-on acquisition and organic action. Through this strategy, the firm aims to obtain increased sales productivity by targeting the right customers. Additionally, the strategy will facilitate the appointment of talented sales representatives and teams.

 Market Research

The U.S pest and rodent control market is full of potentials, threats and opportunities. By entering into a strategic partnership with Orkin, Goodnature will be strategically positioning itself to harness these potentials and opportunities, while effectively dealing with the threats. The potentials in this market are derived from a steady revenue growth over the last 5 years. The industry has experienced revenue growth despite the recession that hit home ownership. Additionally, there are potentials from a rebound in home ownership and the housing market.

Opportunities in this industry come from the rebounding housing market, training and partnerships. One of the results of a rebound in the housing market is an increase in the demand for rodent control. The U.S market presents one of the largest pest control markets in the world. Therefore, there are numerous opportunities to introduce new products and services to customers. The new products and services must be effective in meeting the needs of customers. There are opportunities to enter into partnerships with the numerous pest control operators in the country. The industry and market has over 20,000 operators. Most of these operators are willing to enter into strategic partnerships as they seek to expand their market presence. Additional opportunities are presented in training and product development. The experiences gained from the U.S market will help the firm in product development and training of its employees, particularly the sales and marketing team.

End users usually meet during product exhibitions. These exhibitions are held in different locations throughout the country. According to surveys and interviews conducted on end users, the market has a high demand for pest and rodent control. These interviews and surveys indicated a need for the introduction of mechanical approaches in rodent control.

Retailers usually meet during these trade exhibitions, which are held on a monthly basis throughout the country. During these trade exhibitions, retailers have opportunities to display their products, and educate customers on how the products are used. Surveys on retailers indicate that they prefer mechanical and chemical based rodent and pest control approaches. Their preferences are based on customer preferences. According to these interviews, most retailers in the U.S showed a willingness to enter into strategic partnerships in order to expand their market. They are also receptive to new products that can satisfy the needs of customers. The retailers identified regulation as the major challenge for the industry.

The retail of pest control products in the U.S is conducted using different approaches. In addition to selling their products in stores, retailers also use online platforms to advertise and sell the products. 80 percent of the rodent and pest control businesses in the U.S have an online platform. The retail of these products is highly competitive. Each retailer claims to have the best product and most professional team. The retail of the “do it yourself” rodent control products is also competitive with each retailer creating an impression that their product provides business and home protection against rodents and pests. These products are sold on the basis of professionalism and effectiveness.

The percentage sales volumes of store and online sales show a difference between the two sales platforms. Most customers prefer to purchase the rodent control products from stores, rather than making online purchases. Online platforms are mainly used by retailers as they make orders from manufacturers and producers. Store sales of these products surpass online sales by 45 percent. 55 percent of all purchases are made from stores while 45 percent of the purchases are online. Customers prefer store purchases because they will meet with sales representatives, and are educated on how to use the product.

Define Influence and Drivers to Action for Purchasing Decisions of End Users of Pest Control Products

End users are influenced by their peers and advertisements as they make purchase decisions. Peers, family and friends have the ability to influence end users by influencing their attitudes. These people also provide crucial information and support to an end user. Advertisements play similar roles to peers in influencing end users to make purchase decisions. Advertisements also provide crucial information and support to end users. End users are driven by pest management and control, financial considerations and health and safety management. An increase in the population of rodents and pests within a neighborhood may compromise the health of people in the neighborhood. Therefore, end users are motivated by the need to eliminate the pests before they become health hazards (Maredia, Dakouo & Mota-Sanchez, 2003). End users are also driven by the need for pest control and management. They may seek to reduce the population of the pests and rodents in an environment. Financial considerations are based on the costs and benefits of using the pest control product.

Investigate Health and Safety Standards and Requirements for Private Users of Pest Control Devices

There are safety and health standards, and requirements for the private users of these devices. The safety standards and requirements require the product to have a user manual, in addition to other information pertaining to the date of manufacture, licensing and manufacturer. The health standards require the private user to regularly inspect the device (Maredia, Dakouo & Mota-Sanchez, 2003).

Regulations, Import Restrictions, Tariffs and Customs Requirements on Mechanical Trapping Devices within the U.S

The industry is regulated by pest control regulations and environmental management agency. According to these regulations, the mechanical devices should have minimum effects on the environment and be reasonably humane. Import restrictions are placed on all mechanical products that do not meet the standards and requirements of the U.S import laws. Tariffs and additional fees are paid as the devices undergo the customs clearance process (Lynn, 2007). The mechanical devices are subject to three critical taxes, the industrialized product tax, import duty and merchandise and service circulation tax. Importers of the devices into the U.S market must register with the Foreign Trade Secretariat.

Engaging Potential Retail Outlets For In Store Sales Trials

The sales trials for potential retailers were conducted at the firm’s head office in New York. The trials were based on the sampling idea. Approximately 100 retailers turned up for the sales trials. The firm’s sales representatives were involved in the trials, which involved showing the potential retailers how the device worked. The potential retailers were also shown how to fix the different parts of the device (Lynn, 2007). After the trials, sales associates showed the potential retailers on how to handle customers, make orders and repair the device. 

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