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Factors Affecting Foreign Development Investments

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Factors Affecting Foreign Development Investments


Asiedu, Elizabeth. "On the determinants of foreign direct investment to developing    countries: is Africa different?" World development 30.1 (2002): 107-119.

            The journal investigates the factors that determine foreign direct investment in Africa. This scholarly journal analyses factors affecting foreign direct investments in Africa compared to other continents. The journal offers critical information that economists, students and countries can use to direct foreign direct investments.

Barrell, Ray, and Nigel Pain. "Foreign Direct Investment, Technological Change, and                       Economic Growth within Europe*." The Economic Journal 107.445 (1997): 1770-            1786.

            This journal studies Europe’s technological changes and economy growth as factors affecting foreign direct investment. This journal is critical since it shows the relationship between technological changes and growth in the economy, and foreign direct investment.

De Mello, Luiz R. "Foreign direct investment-led growth: evidence from time series and                    panel data." Oxford economic papers 51.1 (1999): 133-151.

            This journal shows the evidence of growth in foreign direct investment. The book presents a time series evidence to show how foreign investment grew. It is important to highlight the factors that show how foreign direct investment change. The book offers important information that concerns the growth of foreign investment.

Easson, A. J. Tax incentives for foreign direct investment. The Hague New York: Kluwer        Law International, 2004. Print.

            This book surveys the main forms of FDI tax incentives in both theory and practice. It is an indispensable material of comparative analysis since it shows how cost-effectiveness and efficiency are likely to lie in many economic situations. The book will help students of taxation, government policymakers, international businessmen, and other international investors.

Foreign Direct Investment for Development maximizing benefits, minimizing costs. Paris:          OECD Publishing, 2002. Print.

            This book gives a review of the issues that are related to the effect of FDI on development and also the policies needed to allow maximization of benefits. The book introduces information that shows how firms can maximize benefits and minimize costs.

Graham, P. Graham and Spaulding, R. Barry.  Understanding Foreign Direct Investment      (FDI).             2004 Online< http://www.going->

            This article offers detail analysis of what direct foreign investment entails. Besides defining FDI, the article shows how FDI has evolved over time. The article can be beneficial to people interested in knowing the basics of FDI, and how it has changed over time.

Lall, Sanjaya. Attracting foreign investment: new trends, sources and policies. London:             Commonwealth Secretariat, Economic Affairs Division, 1997. Print.

            This paper studies trends in direct investment in countries that are developing. It also analyses the different determinants of foreign direct investment inflows. The paper aims to inform various countries on the opportunities provided by both traditional and new foreign investments and guidance on necessary policies that increase inward investment.

Lim, Ewe-Ghee. Determinants of, and the relation between, foreign direct investment and         growth: a summary of the recent literature. International Monetary Fund, 2001.

            This journal looks at the relationship between growth and foreign direct investment. It considers materials written by other writers, and make comparisons. The journal’s information can help firms and companies identify ways to make investment in foreign markets.

Moran, Theodore H., Edward M. Graham, and Magnus Blomström. Does foreign direct        investment promote development. Washington, DC: Institute for International         Economics Center for Global Development, 2005. Print.

            This volume gathers together a new research on FDI and the country’s economic performance. It also presents critiques of past and current inquiries. This volume looks at the limits of what one can determine from the available evidence. The book presents new results, conclusions, and venues for research in the future.

The Levin Institute. Factors Influencing Foreign Investment Decisions. 2014 Online <   >

            This article identifies factors that influence foreign investment decisions. The article has information critical to foreign investors. Investors need information to influence their investment decisions.