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  “Before Sunset” is a romantic drama film that impacts on the lives of the audience in terms of the theme that it portrays. The film addresses a range of issues that conform to the normal living in the social environment in which human beings live. It is known that human beings are social animals, and thus the platform on which this film was created. The film portrays various elements of design, which makes it favorable among the audience. The director considered using the most appropriate design elements while producing the movie. By watching the film, it is easier to discover the ubiquitous elements of design such as lighting, characters, costumes, sound, visual elements, and theme. The perfect lighting complements all other elements of design such as the behavior of characters, their image, sound, and their roles within the given theme. This paper discusses the different elements of movie design that are evident in the film.

The first and more significant design element in any movie is the theme. All movie producers must have preliminary knowledge of the theme that the characters will adhere to while performing their roles.  The theme of love is indisputable in Before Sunset. The theme of love is demonstrated by Celine and Jesse. Initially, Jesse met Celine in Vienna before he returned to America. Nine years later, they are reunited in Paris (IMDb, Between the first and the second meeting, Jesse writes a novel describing their first encounter. Love makes the movie lively and thus adding more points to the movie to increase its rating. The theme of love is ubiquitous among the current generations and thus the director knew the essence of relying on it. Love is all over the place as far as the competent actors and their perfect script roles are concerned.

The second element of movie design entails its characters. All movies become lively depending on the type of characters that a director chooses to personalize his or her script. This movie portrays the theme of love in the society. The characters play their roles of making the theme stand out and livelier to the audience. They are also dramatic because the movie falls under romance drama genre. Jesse and Celine are the main characters that make the movie a success. The two characters show what real love is to the audience. The two actors single-handedly play their roles as indicated in the script. Their character roles are amazing, although different from their normal characters.

The third element of design that is visible in the movie is lighting. Lighting should be perfect to enhance the visual element of a movie. Lighting has the propensity of changing the audience’s moods. Lighting also impacts the tone of a movie. This movie is romantic and thus the necessity of using lighter, bright, and attractive colors in different settings. For instance, lighting differs in different settings including the city, inside a café, inside a car, and in a garden (IMDb, It is expected to be darker in the car and brighter in the city. The lighting in the different settings also impacts on the conversation between Jesse and Celine. They have limited time to talk about their love encounters. Lighter scenes are associated with deep romantic conversations while darker scenes are linked to less romantic escapades.

Visual element of film product is the fourth design that is part and parcel of the film. The director was keen to keep the film more commendable by applying intense visuals elements in the movie. The picture quality of the film is very good. Images are clear and of high quality. In this case, the different scenes including the city, café, and garden are clearly shown. Many people prefer watching clear films. This is because visual clarity or image quality of a movie influences the propensity of an individual to watch it.  There is no doubt Before Sunset portrays some of the best visual elements that a movie can possess. The brighter images of the surrounding, the busy city life, and attractive gardens contribute to the visual elements of the movie that coincides with the romantic escapades between the two characters.

 Costumes are part of the design elements of a film. Costumes determine the character of an individual. They also conform to the theme of interest that the movie portrays. In this movie, the characters wear different clothes to match their romantic sessions and physical settings. There is a scene in the garden where Jesse is in full black suit while Celine is in a casual black dress. The match color of their clothes adds flavor to the objectives of the movie at that specific scene. It is intuitive to affirm that the black clothes are sensible because the characters are in an external setting where there is too much light. In dark places, the uniformity of costumes, lighting, and visual elements is necessary to come up with a perfect scene that is appealing to the viewer. I n this film, costumes define the two characters differently depending on their romantic love escapades and venues.

Sound is the last film design element to be analyzed in relation to this film. Sound is usually in form of music, theme songs, or sound tracks that match specific scenes. Since this is a romantic film, the background sounds are romantic songs that promote the theme of love.  In this film, the background sounds are moderated and thus played in low volumes to avoid interfering with the conversations between the two characters.  Additionally, the producer did a great job with regards to environmental sounds within the different scenes with which the characters interacted. Their voices are audible and thus adding value to the film’s audio clarity. This film is one of the best in terms of sound clarity. The viewer misses nothing in relation to the dialogue between the two characters. The movie receives a round of applause because for its stunning sound effects that keeps the viewer in a romantic mood.

Conclusively, movie analysis focuses on different elements. One of the elements of analysis is film design during production. The main artifacts of film design that are susceptible to analysis include sound effects, visual elements, theme, characters, and costumes.  Before Sunset possesses the above design element s, which make it a full film. To win the interest of the audience, the director maximized on the design elements.  Maximum application of high quality design elements added value to the film. The elements work together to produce a movie that is worth watching. The audience prefers watching a film that is of good quality. Having watched the film, I recommend it to anyone else because it is exciting, educating, and above all, high quality.

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