Term Paper Sample Bone Experiment Lab Report

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Question 1

The spongy bone is located on the inner part while the compact bone is located on the inner part. The spongy bone that is concentrated on the edges of the bone has large cavities appearing in wide mesh filled with red marrow. Compact bone appears to have very small cavities with very narrow mesh congaing pale yellow marrow.

Question 2

            Spongy bone is pink in color

Question 3

            The major difference is that, cartilage is white while bone is cream

Question 4

            Cartilage felt soft compared to bone, which was hard

Question 5

Periosteum is thin and appears to be transparent while endosteum is thick and appears to be red in color.

Question 6

            Bone marrow is red

Question 7

Articular cartilage is one found between joints

Question 8

            The color of tendons is white

Question 9

They are made of strong elastic fibers

Question 10

            The raw bone appears to be soft and cream while the baked one appears cracked and white



Question 1

            The bone bends slightly as I apply pressure

Question 2

            Calcium phosphates

Question 3

            It does not bend but cracks as pressure is applied

Question 4

            Collagen substances are responsible for bone flexibility.

Question 5

The vinegar soaked bone

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