Admission paper/ Personal Statement essay

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Personal Statement

During my years in High School, and later at University of British Columbia, I developed a strong passion for arts, in addition to, benefiting from the breadth and insight offered by my studies. In part due to my efforts and lasting relationship that I formed with my colleagues, my appreciation, and wish to learn arts has flourished. In fashion, I gain the confidence to live my life to the fullest given that taking Fashion Management as a career is fascinating and as well, inspiring in itself. This can be attributed to the creative and inspiring nature of fashion and that fashion trends are ever changing over time.
Consequently, my decision to pursue a Diploma in Fashion Management answers the question as to why I am suited for this course. Whereas my interest in studying Fashion Management is broad, the overarching reason is my interest in the vast and challenging aspects in fashion management, and my desire to satisfy my enduring interest to become an expert in creativity, elegant designs, and the business side of fashion, such as finance and marketing, afforded by the course. The fashion industry is growing at an increasing rate and there is an increasing demand for competitive and highly skilled managers who are well equipped with concepts relating to the management of fashion businesses. This heightens my desire to pursue Fashion Management as a career. I cannot help wanting to learn the skills and management issues that will influence the future of the fashion business, in addition to, allowing me to develop strategies that might be fundamental in developing a successful and sustainable fashion business.
As I am drawn to arts, my overarching passion remains the same. My desire is to become an outstanding fashion expert and, to be well equipped for a great career in Fashion Management. In light of my interest in fashion, creative designs, and the changing trends in the fashion industry, it also my passion and desire to participate actively in strategic management of the fashion business. Being a self-motivated and hard working person, I believe that I have the motivation and flair needed to pursue a Diploma in Fashion Management (HE Diploma).