Sample research paper on Global Financial strategy

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Babcock is one of the UK’s leading companies(S, 2006) which provide the support for the engineering services. It has an active role in the defense, energy, telecommunication and transport where it provides critical support. The overall revenue of the company is 13 billion pounds.

It is around 140 years old and has a strong position in the market. It mainly focusses on the engineering services where it works for the management of the assets and infrastructure, helps the companies or individuals in the easy delivery of the products all around the world and also provides integrating engineering expertise.

Company’s strategy and mission:

The main objective of the company is to establish a leading position in the engineering and support services in the U.K. and other selective market around the world. This, company thus works by creating the value for the stack holders.

The company believe that they will achieve their mission by having a leading position in the market, by working with preferred customers and by balancing risk and reward and maintaining an efficient safety record. The company has more than 26000 staff who are enrolled in different projects related to designing, building, and management and operational and maintenance sectors. The key factor which has been a reason for the continuous growth of the organization is their market reputation.


The company has a good hold in the stock market. The average share price bid for the company is generally more than 1300 pound. The number of share issued per day is around 365 while the average market capitalization of the same is around 5,014.72 pound every day. The market share and performance details (Barnea, 1980) for Babcock is as follows:

1) Defense: Babcock has been the largest and continuous supplier to the ministry of defense. It handles almost all the departments related to defense services which include air, land, property management and sea. The company has a wide experience of over seventy years of supporting military flying training and also the equipment maintenance and support services.(Opler, 1998) In total, they support for around 25 percent of the MoD rotary and fixed wiring aircraft. Around 1700 people have been working for the military training and air craft maintenance. The major sections include air craft maintenance, aircraft line and base operations. In addition to this, Babcock also has a leading hand in the Future Tank strategic program where it provides support for the communications and the information systems. It also plays an important role in the support of the training for the UK military which is done at the elementary, basic and advanced stages. They also support the training packages such as RAF’S advanced training program and the rear crew training program.

For the purpose of providing training it uses stimulators namely Royal navy, Royal fleet, Auxiliary and overseas navy.

2) Airport solutions: Babcock also provides integrated airport solutions which helps the passengers and also ensures that the flights run on time without any kind of hindrance. They work in varied fields from designing, installing and the management of the complex baggage systems, to the fleet management systems and also the engineering support systems for the specialized ground vehicles used for air support. The baggage systems developed by Babcock are automatic control systems which delivers an optimum life and a great performance in terms of cost, reliability and efficiency. A total of around 900 people are working for the same purpose and ensuring a continuous development, operations, maintenance and other services. Babcock has a contract with around 3000 assets which range from a passenger bus to a 70 tons aircraft named as pushback tractors which ensures a complete delivery(Melvin, 2004) whenever there is a need.

3) Communications: Babcock is one of the most trusted service providers in the field of communication industry. The major services provided in the communication sectors include the operations such as design, build, and maintenance of the physical infrastructure and management of un-interrupted delivery. The key activities that are taken care of under communication include telecommunication infrastructure, broadcast infrastructure and broadcast delivery.  The company has an experience (Pike, 2010) of over 80 years in the broadcast arena.

4) Education: Babcock has an equal support service in the field of education. It was awarded with the prestigious “Education business of the year” in the year 2012. Babcock provides educational services to government agencies in order to improve the life of the children and youths. They work in association with the local authorities in order to serve schools, academics (Levich, International Financial Markets Prices and Policy, 2001), businesses and the communities.

5) Emergency service sector: Babcock is the largest service provider in case of emergency services. Under this, they manage vehicles, equipment’s and facilities and also provide effective training for the emergency services. The key services provided under this section include the Fleet management, Asset management and training. The main customers in this regard include the company’s such as, Highways agency and metropolitan services.(Stern, 2003)

6) Energy: The Company also works in a large number of sectors of energy in UK which includes both high voltage power transmission and also nuclear energy transmission. It also works for the nuclear energy plants and looks after the projects such as site operations, maintenance and decommissioning.

7) Training: Babcock also has a very large training base where the training is provided for different areas such as vocational training, fire and rescue training, career guidance training, military training, safety training and professional and educational training.(E, 2006)

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