Sample free reserach paper on Information Technology Project Management

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Poor quality in IT projects

A serious case evidenced in 1986, when two patients died after a software failure resulted to an over dose of radiation from Therac25 machine. As IT professions it is necessary to sufficiently test and debug software that controls machines.

In May 2004, Britain's coast guards had to use pen, radios, and, paper after computers were attacked by the Sasser virus. By following all the rules of good software design implementation such as testing, simulation, and design specification. Anti-virus software is useful in scanning and isolating computer viruses and malware.

Finally, a small timing difference in 1981, caused by a computer program failure led to a 20 minute prior launching of an American space flight. Exception handling as part of software specification is vital although weak specifications are not same as bugs.

The human factor is the major cause of poor quality in IT projects mainly due to the tendency of underestimating, undermining, and short-changing the requirements determination and quality assurance. In addition, unrealistic time or resource estimate, especially the assumption that the time on task equals duration leads to project failure due to interruptions that may arise. Change in project scope is another contributing factor of failure as many changes result in low quality.

Importance of quality assurance

Quality control ensures that products and services provided meet specific standards that are acceptable and satisfactory. Quality assurance offers customers with security to get what they need. It ensures that we test and rectifier products and services before delivering to customer. Finally, quality control increases productivity and effectiveness by reducing errors, defects, waste, and, cost.


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