Free sample essay on Comparison Between Google and Yahoo

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Comparison between Google and yahoo search engines

Google and yahoo search engines/websites can be compared in terms of a number of factors. These factors include the On Page Content, the crawling aspect of the site, the querying process, the website link reputation and lastly the age of the search engine (Hill, 2005).

In terms of the on page content, I personally believe that Yahoo places greater emphasis on the websites page content unlike a search engine like Google. According to the on page content, yahoo is way ahead of Google. In terms of their business/commerce information in the sites, Google is a better search engine.

In terms of crawling, yahoo is a better search engine compared to Google. Yahoo is good at crawling sites so long as the sites have a reasonable link popularity that has enabled all their pages to be indexed. The reasons that yahoo is better in terms of crawling revolves around the fact that the site

In terms of query processing, yahoo is better at defining the searchers goals as specific words in the search query are defined appropriately. Google doesn't concentrate more on text matching compared to yahoo. Google is more about suited for concept matching. The Link Reputation of yahoo is vulnerable and easy to manipulate as it utilizes either low or mid quality links and is also aggressively focused on anchor text.

The site age of the two search engines is also a point of differentiation. Yahoo is older than Google therefore it places more emphasis on older websites. New sites rarely rank in the search engine in less than three months as it places more emphasis on older sites which in my opinion is a disadvantage.

In summary I think Google works better as a search engine because of the fact that it does not limit new website ranking in any way. This is a vital component in a search engine and it is for this reason that I think Google is better than yahoo.


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