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Philosophy is one of the many disciplines in the public domain that shapes behavior and reasoning. It also has direct relationships with other areas such as psychology, history, law, and criminal justice. It is a well-known discipline due to its association with the world’s greatest thinkers to have lived. It is a contemporary discipline that is very helpful especially for academic purposes. Most academic institutions offer philosophy as one of the disciplines. The contemporary debate in the public domain is on the authenticity of philosophy as an application discipline. Whether or not the study of philosophy is important is entirely subjective because different people have different opinions regarding the topic. Personally, it is intuitive to affirm that, the study of philosophy is important.

There are numerous factors that support the argument that, the study of philosophy is important. Philosophy has numerous principles that historic events dictated upon the ancient Greek thinkers to establish reasoning premises and make supportive evidence for their arguments. The greatest thinkers such as Plato, Locke, and Socrates transformed the way people reason. They came up with theories that are still in use in the modern world. Consequently, this implies that philosophy is a transformational tool that can make reasoning easier. It is therefore, important to promote the study of philosophy to enhance continuity of reasoning. Reasoning enables people to solve critical puzzles or problems. It would be impossible to make informed decisions without critically and creatively thinking. Theories that the ancient philosophers postulated are still relevant because they aid an individual in the event of solving problems or making decisions. For continuity of critical and creative thinking, philosophy should be taught until the end of time.

The second importance of studying philosophy relates to its application in understanding reality and values. This is because philosophy allows the use of speculative rather than observational means to prove the feasibility of an argument. Studying philosophy enables individuals to pursue wisdom. Wisdom is not an in-born attribute because it is not synonymous with knowledge. Philosophy entails application of knowledge in life. Through philosophy, individuals are able to question their existence and human nature. In addition to influencing nature, philosophy influences reasoning with regards to logic, aesthetics, and ethics. It is therefore important to study philosophy in college to enhance one’s understanding of self and the deeper issues in life.

The third reason why philosophy is important relates to its significance as a career discipline. Studying philosophy opens great career chances in various institutions. The study of philosophy has opened opportunities for professionals who major in the field. This explains why institutions set up departments that offer philosophical studies. Philosophy professionals are then employed in these departments as instructors or as supportive personnel. Opportunities and creation of employment within the field of philosophy is advantageous for career development purposes. Similarly, career development is important because it enables trained professionals to earn from their hard work. Due to the argument of career development, the study of philosophy is important.

The above arguments clearly support the stamen that, studying philosophy is important. As much as some people may argue that philosophy makes an individual defiant to nature, it is important to point out that life needs creative and critical thinking for survival. People should reason beyond the basic reasoning by applying logic to enhance their lives. Much said and done, it is indisputable that philosophy is important. 

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