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The California Panel Code is divided into different sections with each section further subdivided into other minor sections.  False imprisonment is found in the sections 236-237 in chapter 8.False imprisonment can be defined as the unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another ( Ley 2001). It can also be said to mean restraining a person in a bounded area.  The restraint can be done in several ways. There sometimes is the usage of physical force to restrain, use of a physical barrier like a door, failing to release an individual or it can be invalid use of legal authority bestowed upon an individual.

False imprisonment is quite different from human trafficking. The definition of human trafficking is recruitment, transfer and receipts of people by either the use of; force, threats, coercion, abduction, fraud, abuse of power, giving or receiving payments so as to get the consent of a person for the purpose of exploitation (Aronowitz, 2009). The exploitation can be in form of sexual, forced labor or related services, servitude or even slavery.

 For trafficking to exist there must be an action for example harboring that is done through the means of let say abduction and goals. Goal here are used to mean the purpose why the trafficking is done (Zheng, 2010).

Realizing key indicators of human trafficking is the initial step in knowing the victims and can really help in saving life. Most victims may always show signs of fear or anxiety. They sometimes suffer injuries that looks like to be as a result of application of the control measures that were put on them. Some people that are trafficked also have tattoos on their bodies. This is always put by their masters to show that they own them.


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2005 California Penal Code Sections 236- 237. Chapter 8. False Imprisonment.

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