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The creation of organisms with exact genetic copy of another has thrown a debate to the world on whether to adapt cloning or not as there are those in support and opposing groups.

Cloning is a biological process of creating genetically identical copies of human. This process has let division into two groups of people those who support and oppose it ,on my side I'm in support of cloning .our main focus will be on merits and demerits of cloning .Some of the advantages of cloning include saving some species of animals from extinction ,solve the problems of infertility ,ease the process of human transplantation ,enable treatment of some genetic diseases and disorders with ease ,and to prevent the process of aging .United Nations .18 May 2005.

Rejuvenation –it has been found that cloning can reverse the aging process and make people look younger .There is thesis that at one time the aging process will be reversed I strongly support this because this will make human population to live more years and even make man immortal than the current situation whereby people live only a few years and start aging at a tender age .This will lead to preservation of human life and resource which actually could have been wasted by the aging process .Imagine people like Isaac Newton Living up to now it will be great .This genius minds could contributed more to the society and lead to development .Lanza RP ,Chung HY ,Yoo JJ et al.(July 2002).

Treatment of genetic diseases and disorders .Due to many genetic disorders and diseases has become associated with the human population like heart attacks, multiple sclerosis, sickle cell anemia and diabetes. This diseases have caused many deaths from generation to generation ,also there are complications like spinal cord injuries ,skin grafts and cancer patients who have lost cells and tissue due to radiation and chemotherapy .Through the invention of cloning process all the above complications and diseases can now be prevented or treated I would myself to be cloned because this will make me free of the complications and minimize them from passing them to the next generation .This will ensure the human population is safe from this deadly complications .There is a believe that if scientists clone health tissues and stock them as backups for repair of damaged tissues i.e. the damaged heart cells can be treated by injections of cloned cells into the damaged area .This will greatly reduce the cases of many patients with heart ailments .Many people including the rich and the poor suffer from this complications we have had even cases of powerful and rich people suffering from this complications and even lead to their death like former Nigerian president Umaru Yar Adua.This deaths cause serious setbacks in economic development .This economic setbacks include loss of human resource that could be utilized for economic growth of any country. If cloning was in place and there was no death in the human population .People could be relieved pain in the loss of their loved ones .Joshua Lederberg. (1966).

Infertility treatment by in vivo fertilization and relate technologies solve the problem of infertility in both sexes .Cloning is a good idea because women who cannot deliver can have their babies by implanting the cloned embryos into their own bodies .The implanting of embryos if successful lead to normal delivery of young ones by couples who could have not attained this achievement .This will relieve mental and physical pains among infertile couples. Guys and lesbians who naturally cannot have their own children but through cloning there is a breakthrough .One can provide the egg and the other can provide the genes amongst lesbians ,for guys they can do it the same way .This notion basically based upon chose of one's opinion to become a lesbian or a guy. I slightly support this if it could save the human population from extinction .But according to the morals it is against nature and God .Dr Muraya general genetics lecture notes University of Nairobi .(2010 ).

In the research that was carried out by scientists from USA, Japan in August 1998 had cloned a pig called xena and used its organs for transplantation in humans .This could be useful as it can alleviate the shortage of human organs available for transplantation .The pig liver can be transplanted to the patient with liver failure temporarily until the compatible human liver has been found. This will greatly assist and save those patients from facing death .Since the pig and man are both mammals there could be some compatibility of the genes as both must have evolved from a common ancestor .The operation will not result into repulsion at all .It will be safer and directly help the patients .I could prefer myself be cloned so as to have someone who resembles me and who can donate Grafts to me in case of need like blood since there would be almost 100% compatibility .Lewis D .Eigen (2010).

Defective genes –the estimated number of defective in a normal human are about 8 but in a cloned individual he or she will be a perfect individual since he will not possess this deleterious genes .These genes cause genetic disorders like down's syndrome .The diseases affects the mental and physical well being of normal humans .Reduces human dignity to live comfortably and enjoy a good life .This defective genes have been found to pass from one generation to another they pass through the generation tree of life from parents to their offspring. Through the process of cloning all this will be solved and all people who will be born in the future generation through cloning would not suffer from this disorders and the human dignity will be restored and hence all the individuals will enjoy good quality of life .Cloning when switched on and off can cure cancer .Since there is no current therapy for cancer without side effects like chemotherapy and x-rays for cancer treatment this radiation kill a significant number of cells in the human body reducing the cell count in a normal human being. This breakthrough could lead to future cure for cancer diseases that lead to uncontrolled growth of malignant cells causing tumors that lead to swelling of body parts and great pain in the cancer patient .Stein et al .,(13 December 2008).

Though cloning seems to be a good invention there are cons that have become associated with it .This drawbacks include loss of human dignity to live and interfere with the natural process of human procreation .Cloning lead to reduced sense of individuality and cloned child may feel that their future is unworthy .This reduces human dignity . Cloning can lead to encouragement by parents to value how well children can look like to meet their expectations ,if this practice of cloning becomes a norm in the society ,then parents who want to play lottery and not genetically choose their child may caste out of society .http:www.islamonline.net

Cloning can be observed as degrading of human dignity as cloned individuals will act as backups for grafts which are used for transplantation .This has been greatly opposed by various religions and governments as this will degrade the human dignity and there is a danger of producing immature babies through this cloning process .Also cloning has been proved if successful can lead to social evils and encourage same sex marriages lesbianism and guy relations .Will lead to erosion of morals in society . In my conclusion cloning has both advantages and disadvantages that can benefit or harm the human race. This issues are still in debate for ways on which this technology can be appropriately utilized without interfering with the human dignity .But the advantages of cloning seems to be beneficial to the society as to some extent it can lead to cure and even repair human body parts that have been worn out .hence cloning is a vital technology in the current society y and situation of mankind.

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