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Attention getter

Most lovers of rock music are familiar with the famous American heavy metal band Metallica that has dominated rock metal since the early 1980's.Even non -rock lovers have one time heard of the Metallica.

Specific purpose

The main purpose of this speech is to tell you why in my own opinion, Metallica is my most favorite rock metal band and in the process persuade you to see my point of view.

Background information

Metallica band dates back in the 80's. The American band was formed in 1981 by the founder member James Hetfield who later teamed up with a drummer Lars Ulrich and a guitarist Robert Trujillo. The band first started as an underground band with the usual funding problem experienced by newly recording artists but later in time its fan base grew after the release of their first album "Kill em all" later turning into the most successful rock metal bands of all times (Cope, 2010).

Overview of main points

The speech will look at three main points. These points include my view and other people's view of Metallica as a heavy metal band and my reasons for liking the band so much. Also, I will touch on the success of the band and lastly I will highlight Metallica's influence as a band and its contribution to heavy metal.

All the above points will be aimed at showing why Metallica is the only heavy metal band I truly love and for that they are my number one band


My view and other people's view of Metallica

Many people even some of those present here have one time heard controversial topics regarding Metallica and their heavy metal music as a whole. Rock metal to me has been like a lifestyle and most lovers of heavy metal will attest to that. Most lovers of Metallica music whom I have interacted with associate Metallica music with music that gives them hope. Shortsighted people especially some parents, I am sorry to say only see the outwards appearance of heavy metal bands such as Metallica and associate them with cults and bad role models for their kids in terms of dressing and sometimes their Gothic appearances/lifestyle.

Metallica's success/achievements

Metallica success is part of why I love the band so much. Everyone wants to be associated with success and it's for this reason and many others that Metallica is my number one band. The band over the last two decades prides itself for selling over 100 million records worldwide. They also hold seven Grammy awards for best metal performance and two for best recording package and instrumental performance (Halfin, Ulrich & Hammett, 2010). This is phenomenal considering they have been doing music that has not been as popular as hip hop and rap. They basically build their niche and thrived producing the best rock metal music in the world. Many Metal lovers admit that they raised the bar higher in terms of, using volume and speed in metal music.

Metallica's influence as a band and its contribution to heavy metal

I have no problem with any kind of rock metal music that gives a person hope, keeps them alive, creates a sense of belonging or even gives them a spiritual force to explore their spirituality. I have listened to Metallica music since I was a kid and I can list every song of every album since there 1st album "Kill em all" back in 1983 (Halfin, Ulrich & Hammett, 2010). There is no other heavy metal band that has produced the caliber of rock metal that the band has consistently released over the past two decades. They have truly dominated heavy metal for decades collecting numerous awards for their consistent work.


In summary, my love for the band since my childhood has been growing and continues to grow. I would love heavy metal to be regarded more highly curbing the controversy that surrounds it. Metallica's influence as a band and its contribution to heavy metal are phenomenal.

Looking at the Metallica band and their music, the message behind most of their albums has been a message of creating a tight-knit community that practices some form of kinship with others in the community and encourages tolerance for strangers. I know some of you can attest to that. I personally love Metallica because of that and encourage others to see Metallica music as metal music that inspires worship and loyalty toward music and not to musicians (Weinstein, 2000).


Metallica in my opinion is the best heavy metal band of all times and that is why it is my favorite band. Thank you


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