Essay Sample-How to reduce stress

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How to reduce stress

 Stress is defined as either a positive or negative condition that has influence on person’s state of mind. It can be reduced in various ways as discussed bellow. 

Travelling. This stands as one of the ways that reduce stress effectively. It involves process of planning the trip and this excites people's mood, inspiring them to be active. In the process, the pressure is reduced hence minds being refreshed. Travelling leaves people with great energy which is essential in controlling stress in life. 

Gym. Gym makes one feel relaxed and fresh. Also in the gym one can play different games for example tennis and yoga. These games are said to be good at reducing stress.

Baking at home. When people are stressed outside baking provides good environment for stress reduction. 

Kneading dough effectively controls temper. Because of dough’s smoothness and softness, its touching can reduce or even heal stress. As baking is done at home the worries of those involved is reduced hence making it worth for stressed  people. Home baking provides a good way of spending free time especially during holidays. 

Gardening.  This is a good way of reducing stress. It reduces depression and other related physical  illnesses. its known that flower scents have good effects to people and bring about cheerful and peacefull feeling. Gardening at open sunny places make bodies strong hence sesistance to stress. this makes it a good way of reducing stress.

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