Pollution Essay sample-Controlling air pollution

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Air pollution has been there since time immemorial. Most of the causes of air pollution are due to human activities. These activities are several, for example, burning of wastes, industrial emissions, and use of aerosols. All these factors have led to decline in the air quality, hence causing many negative effects on the environment and also human health. There are several ways to reduce air pollution, especially air pollution caused by energy use. Mostly air pollution is due to emission of carbon monoxide, and green house gases to the air.

The first method which can be used to prevent air pollution due to energy use is rethinking on transportation. Most transportation means use energy which when used it leads o air pollution. Most of the energy in modes of transport is fuel, e.g. petroleum, which is burnt and then emitted to the environment. These modes of transport include vehicles, and motorcycles. Rethinking on how to travel can reduce the rate of air pollution by a great percentage (Foell, Green, Amann, Bhattacharya, Carmichael, Chadwick & Zhao, 1995).

The first way to rethink transportation in the aim of preventing air pollution is looking t the ‘car culture’ in our society. Most of our towns and cities are constructed in such a way that it is almost necessary to use cars. Vehicles are one of the major causes of air pollution due to fume emissions from the exhaust pipes. This is problem is very hard to combat, but we can reduce it. This reduction can be done through minimizing the use of cars. For example, instead of driving to the grocery, you can choose to walk, or instead of driving to the mall to shop, you can shop in bulk such that the shopping can be enough for a long time. These strategies can help you to reduce using your car hence reducing air pollution (Jacobson, 2009).

The other way that people can rethink transportation is by taking buses, or boarding a train once in a while. People can be taking buses instead of driving their vehicles every time. This reduces the number of vehicles on the roads hence reducing air pollution. Taking public means of transport like buses reduces air pollution, and also gives a person time to do other things like reading, and knowing other people in the bus (Foell, Green, Amann, Bhattacharya, Carmichael, Chadwick & Zhao, 1995).

The other way o reduce air pollution by changing transportation is biking and walking. Using vehicles to travel is one of the major causes of air pollution. This can be reduced by biking or walking. This step reduces the usage of vehicles hence reducing air pollution. For example, instead of boarding a bus or driving your car to the gym, you can bike, and this will contribute to reduction of air pollution by fuel usage. This step is mostly applicable when a person is not in a hurry because a person will take longer time to bike or walk than driving. This step has more advantages than just reduction of air pollution. Biking and walking helps a person to become fit because they are exercises.

The other way to check on transportation is by making sure that your car is in good condition. This is by taking your vehicle to be serviced every time, and taking it to a smog test so that it may be tested on its release of smog so that it may not be polluting the air by a huge rate. This step helps in reduction of air pollution because the vehicles will not be emitting a lot of fumes (Jacobson, 2009).

In conclusion, air pollution is a worldwide calamity which has to be prevented because it is mostly caused by humans. This is by researching on the ways to reduce pollution so as to keep the environment clean, and reduce health problems like respiratory complications. This can only be done by first controlling air pollution by energy use, which is the key cause of air pollution. 


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