Nursing Essay Sample-Neuman System Model

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The nursing care situation that is relevant for description in this case is the Neuman system model. It is a nursing theory that focuses on an individual’s relationship to stress. Additionally, it deals with the reaction to stress and natural reconstruction factors. The Neuman Systems Model has been in use for more than three decades, first as a teaching tool and later as a conceptual model to observe and interpret the phenomena of nursing and healthcare globally (Parker, 2005). The concept of client wholeness, the goal of optimal health and utilization of primary prevention strategies to maintain wellness, and popular thinking in the layman literature all catapulted the Neuman systems model into acceptance by the nursing profession (Memmott, Marett, Bott & Duke, 2000).

The model contains assumptions about humans, health, and the essence of nursing that guide nursing practice. The assumption is that several lines of resistance surround the energy resources that are consisted in the central core of the model. The resistance then leads to the normal line of defense and the flexible defense line. The assumptions are related to my own because of the evidence of humanity in nursing professionals. Everyone can be stressed irrespective of their professional backgrounds. However, nurses suffer from stress more than the other people, therefore, resistance is important.

The essential values that guide my practice are wholistic principles that are meant to take care of any individual that I encounter my values encourage the use of the three levels of prevention. The framework encourages dependent on the three levels of prevention that include primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. According to the framework, the goal of nursing is to protect the system by adhering to the three levels of prevention. The nursing professionals are required to be effective in their practices of observing the required practices to safeguard wellness. The framework provides for the essential things on which to focus in working with clients. It provides for the concept of client wholeness to maintain wellness.

The theory talks about an individual’s relationship to stress. Nursing professionals are prone to work stress due to the encounters that they come across on daily basis while conducting their duties. Therefore, taking care of their stress levels is an important provision of the theory (Neuman & Fawcett, 2002).  The framework is an important guide to my nursing practices because it acts as a motivation for successful performance of my duties. The chosen practices are effectively promoted by the framework as observed in the case. The information in the case relates very well to the nursing practices that are to be performed by nursing professionals. There are professionals in the nursing field that are not considering the requirements of the framework. However, in my case, I make sure that I adhere to the required framework guidelines to protect the good spirit of performing my duties. The case is an essential trial to determine the functionality of nurses in their work stations and their ability to deal with the people that seek medical advice. Nurses should be ready to stick to the rules in the guideline for the purpose of executing services in accordance with the required directive. Not only does the case keep nurses in focus, but it also maintains a relatively high performance motive while at the work station. The performance becomes better and can be assessed by the feedback from the patients.


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