Cultural Essay sample-Rhetorical Editing Exercise

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Cultural Battles among Superpowers

Over years, the cultural battles among superpowers have been an issue of concern among Americans. In order to remain influential in the modern social and economic issues, Americans have been using all means to retain their capitalism ideology. For instance, the National Security Agency collaborated with influential film company such as Hollywood with the intention of producing anti-communist movies (Bernard 76). The National Security Agency advised Hollywood Film Company to alter their scripts in order to remove any aspect that could demean the American population. Collaboration between the American National Security Agency and Hollywood Film Company led to the production of many movies that ignited patriotism among Americans.  Effective partnership between the Hollywood film company and government security agency also raised misgiving of communist activities in the country.  The available evidence further affirms that the anticommunist sentiment grew out of control hence working against the Hollywood company during the house of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) hearing on alleged anti-communist against the company (Bernard 76).

  The ever-increasing anticommunist sentiments also led to the loss of many lives and discrimination against communists in America. Unconfirmed accusations further state that many Americans and other communists’ believers failed to take part in court hearing and in answering critical questions. Moreover, the anticommunist sentiments had regrettable impacts among local population. The ever-increasing sentiments created confusion and misunderstandings among immigrants and native residents. For instance, Better American League of Southern California has identified almost two million Americans suspected to be subversive in the region (Bernard 82). Most of the subversive individuals encountered severe mistreatment including the violation of their basic rights, unnecessary blacklisting, and immediate dismissal from their workplaces. The level of mistreatment was dependent on the claims levelled against an individual.

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