Law Essay Sample Should Victims Of Crime Be Compensated?

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The question on whether to compensate crime victims or not has raised endless debates among modern scholars and thinkers. While some legal experts are opposed to the idea of compensating crime victims, some professionals greatly support the initiative of compensating innocent victims. At its initial stages, the victim compensation schemes were autonomous initiatives. However, due to the increased number of crimes in modern society, victims’ compensation initiatives have become a popular scheme especially in developed countries.  Although with some challenges, these programs have been useful in solving numerous problems and emerging social issues among crime victims (Jeffery 57).  By acknowledging the current significant of crime victims’ compensation programs, clear policies need to be in place to strengthen and boost the existing victim compensation initiatives.

Individuals who resist the proposal to compensate crime victims’ base their argument on functions and structures of victim compensation process as opposed to the impacts of the compensation process.  A part from meeting victims’ financial needs, crime victims’ compensation programs helps in meeting emotional, physical, and social needs of victims .  Modern crime victim compensations programmes also play a decisive role on victims’ recovery process. If implemented effectively, the current compensation programs can be useful in supporting the future productivity of the affected crime victims.  

It is also the duty of the society to protect and support its members (Van Dijk 19). Therefore, the society owes the crime victims compensation for any damages that result from criminal activities. Crime victim compensation is as well a symbolic value for society support to crime victims. Compensation serves as an affirmation that community members and government agencies are in control of its citizens’ security.

In the light of the above evaluation, it is factual to conclude that state, compensation crime victims programs are vital to the recovery process of crime victims. Although these programs have faced disparagement, the crime victims’ compensation initiatives are the only tangible means of supporting the crime victims

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