Constitutional Essay Sample-American Presidential six-year Term proposal

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It Has Been Proposed That American Presidents Should Be Elected For One Six-Year Term And Not Be Eligible For Re-Election. Do You Agree With This Proposal?

The proposal to introduce a single six-year term in American democratic process has received adequate attention for a long time.  However, despite gaining some level of support from various professionals and politicians, attempts to incorporate the idea in the constitution has failed severally in the last decades. In my opinion, any attempt to introduce a single six-year term is a terrible proposal.

 Although six-year term can reduce various problems that are result from re-election process, the idea is likely to deny Americans their democratic rights (Arthur &Schlesinger, 2004).  In its application, a single six-year term is anti-democratic.  The proposal also assumes that the president is more intelligent on issues that affect public interests. The idea also assumes that a democratic process of re-electing a president is an obstacle to wise ideas and decisions.

A single-six year term proposal is also against the theory that describes the American democracy (David, 2012). As explained in the American democracy, the most effective source of appropriate and wise decisions is a give-and-take democratic process.  Contrary to the proposed single-six-year term, the current system compels the sitting president to be accountable to Americans. America theory of democracy also dictates that it is the prerogative of the president to acknowledge and appreciate the wills and suggestions of Americans. The adoption of single-years term is therefore likely to undermine American democracy and instead boost impunity and dictatorship.  The aim of a re-election in America is to motivate good behaviors among setting and aspiring presidents. The adoption of the proposed political changes will consequently deny Americans a chance to test the credibility and behaviors of their presidents (John, 2012).

 Therefore, the adoption of single-six-year term will be an impeachment of American’s democratic process.  The American’s founding fathers were therefore accurate for rejecting the proposal to introduce a single six year term 200 years ago.


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