Evaluation Essay-Public Speaking

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The evaluation is of the speaker in a wedding ceremony. The speaker is the best man to the man wedding. The speaker seemed very qualified from his narration on how he met the man. He speaks from personal knowledge and experience of the wedding man. He’s knowledgeable in gaining trust and attention of the audience. The information was presented in a sober manner, and the speaker was direct to making the audience understand the wedding man.

The speaker's name was Mark Walter, acting as the best man to the wedlock. The wedding ceremony was in Galileo place in December 09, 2013. The speaker’s message was mainly giving the public enlightenment that he knows the groom for many years. Making the audience knows that the wedded man is much of a brother than a friend. In addition, the speaker aimed at thanking all the attendants for making time and coming to celebrate with them.

His way of relying on the message was very clear, he avoided any chance of inserting controversial topics into the message. He began by expressing gratitude to the people attending. This led to the audience feeling at home. He also used encouragement quotes and stories to make the wedding couple stable and helped to that is before them. The speaker proved his credibility by avoiding inside jokes in the speech. His credibility made the public take it serious and attentive to what he was saying.

The speaker was very intelligent in using stories and quotes that helped wrap his speech nicely. For example, he concluded the speech by saying” My dear Friend has finally found that the queen." Made the audience so lively, and the couple’s wedding encouraged. The speaker organized the information in a systematic manner that eased the process of following what he talked about. From how he had arranged the speech it was easy knowing what the main points were. At the end of each point, he had a unique way of celebrating the couple and making them look good. Similarly, his main points were very short and straight to the point to promoted audience understanding.

Furthermore, the speaker’s delivery style was excellent throughout the speech. The speaker’s vocal variety was built inappropriately. He was easy to hear, with his voices variation from loud to soft. He intelligently placed pauses in between the speeches to enable the audience understand his points. Also, the speaker was having a managed pace in his speed talk that enabled each and every individual understand his points. The speaker also asked the non-verbal skills appropriately by moving about the stage as he delivered a speech. He maintained eye contact with the audience that made the audience get attentive. To stress and ensure that the point raised gets into the audience ears, the speaker ensured constant use of gestures.

The speaker used local stories to relate the information in his speech to the audience. The relation raid the rapport for the audience to feel part of the celebration. The speaker did extremely well in maintaining the audience attention to the ceremony. Similarly, he did well in using both verbal and nonverbal characteristics while delivering the message. Also, he was wonderful in bridging one point to another through use of quotes or stories. Lastly, he did well in expressing the body language, good choice of words and jokes, stories and quotes that made him successful.

The speaker would have done better is he worked to avoid technical jargon. The use of the unnecessarily and complex language led to misunderstanding and much floating of the audience. In conclusion, he would perform better if he used alliteration and repetition and other rhetorical devices. Application of such devices would make the speaker more favorable.


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