Poem Review Still I Rise

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Maya Angelou’s “still I Rise’ is a poem dealing with the theme of suffering or struggle. The poem puts in the consideration of the conditions encountered by America. The contrast and comparison between the two citizens enable the poet to prompt her own attitude and emotions about isolation and freedom. The poem applies symbolism throughout with hidden messages. Symbolism assists the poet convey her feelings and emotions regarding freedom and isolation indirectly. The White American citizen symbolize the freedom in people. She applies verbs such as `floats’ and `leaping’ as a sign of joy, happiness and energy that the citizens have in their environment. These verb phrases also directs us to the emotions the poet has regarded freedom. On the other hand, the African-American people symbolize the isolation and struggle encountered in a given environment. According to the poet, the African-Americans struggles to feed, to breathe and to enjoy due to slavery. They are deprived off their joy, power and free will. The African-American proves the struggle and suffering encountered by the people who are isolated and oppressed.

In reality, humans must struggle to achieve a better or compassionate life or society to live. The same has been outlined through a poem by Langston Hughes. Humans must search for their identity to fit comfortably in a given society. Hughes explores the problem encountered in the search for identity by the Negroes. He emphasizes on how the Negroes were discriminated in the American social system that made them look like slaves. According to the poet, Negroes are experiencing and struggling to achieve both economic and social equality to better their society. The Negroes are struggling for equality regardless of their class, community or color. The stanza proves that the humanity must struggle to make a better world for themselves.

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