Sample Essay on Current Social Trends and Problems

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The article that I came across yesterday had title America’s forgotten homeless and is a reminder for everyone to realize the importance of social problem that America faces today in form of homeless people. It is an issue which has remained in the backdrop for some time now as people are not aware of dire consequences they might face in future provided it remains unaddressed. The United Nations describes homelessness as a condition in which people don’t have a physical shelter and live at places, mostly outdoor which are not meant for humans. Ideally speaking the state of homelessness is far more troublesome than mere rooflessness as home is not just a physical space, it has got various other dimensions like social and legal.

It is home which completes an individual’s personality by providing an identity and a sense of belonging. The story does not end here as home caters for the emotional needs of an individual as well working out to provide for the emotional well being. Just imagine the state of a homeless person, it simply means absence of all these vital things which has catastrophic impact on an individual’s personality. That is why homeless people are simply isolated and vulnerable segment of society. The reasons behind a person becoming homeless are numerous but generally speaking they have been categorized into following: structural causes, institutional causes, relationship causes and personal causes.

 The common issues with these people include mental and physical health disorders as they have to spend their life without basic health facilities which leads to psychological distress in most cases. Another thing mostly found in homeless people is loss of self esteem which means they feel bad about themselves, not prepared to back themselves up and so don’t like themselves. This directly leads to behavioral problems which mean these people have an increased chance of entering the criminal justice system. Most of these people develop bad habits like resorting to illegal activities to meet their bodily requirements.

There is a need to pursue a multi dimensional approach by investing in programs like education, poverty eradication, healthcare reforms and increasing the economic growth. The policy formulation needs to made more innovative and poor people centric. In this rehabilitation process we need to start our journey through education as it opens new doors for an individual and makes him better equipped for various job roles. The economy is another important concern as it ensures cash flow throughout nation which helps in reduction of poverty which is one of the fundamental causes of homelessness.

We need to feel for homeless people as they are humans just like us and everyone needs to play part in addressing this issue because wholesale reforms require participation both at individual as well as State level. The homeless people should be provided with instant reliefs in form of donations and charities so that they can make change in their lives which seem to be heading in the wrong direction and at the same time programs should be engineered which address the root causes of this menace. It is not just a matter of some individuals as it is a social issue and destroys the reputation of the state. This unaddressed social menace will have catastrophic results for us if it is not bogged down immediately. 

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