Sample essay on Nursing

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Nursing has always been considered as an important profession so lots of efforts are made to make it more sound and responsive to the needs of patients. The think tanks and policy makers come up with lot of recommendations that could make this noble profession more advantageous for the masses. The latest future of nursing recommendations proposed by IOM is an effort in this regard and there are number of recommendations that have come forward. I am going to discuss three of them here and see how it will impact me.

The first of these recommendation calls for increasing the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020. It’s a good step towards inserting more professionalism in this profession. Before it used to be a diploma after high school and most of the students could not be groomed into mature professionals and did all their learning after stepping into practical life. I would definitely encourage this recommendation and would love to improve my qualification as well, that could be carried out through some training courses for the nurses already on duty. Its all about being adaptable and equipping oneself with the needs of time and by 2020 one must be all geared up to face the situation and I see myself fitting into the situation.

The second recommendation regarding future of nursing aims at doubling the number of nurses with the doctorate by the set deadline of 2020. It would act as a boost to this profession which had previously a very limited number of doctorate’s and as a profession also did not had a repute which it should have because of limited qualification of individuals part of this career. I see myself again supporting this initiative as this is directly going to change mindset that is usually there regarding it. It has been found that parents never encourage their children to join this profession as they believe it has not got the educational value and degrees worth mentioning. When so many highly qualified people would be injected it would act as a convincing factor for many people to look towards this profession through prism of respect. These role models would encourage many new entrants like me to follow their footsteps and go for the highest degree in this profession.

The third recommendation proposed by IOM is the most important of all and should be implemented right away as it suggests that nurses should be engaged in lifelong learning. All the health related professions require this approach as every time we get a special case in form of patient which has got unique characteristics which might never have been experienced before. Its all about packing oneself up with as much knowledge as possible and this can only come through lifelong learning. It has mostly been found that learning stays with nurses as long as they are students and once they are finished with their studies they never look back at their books which is a wrong methodology. There is a need to correct this approach and the most appropriate way of doing this is to make this learning mandatory for them and so they should be engaged through some innovative means. The life of human is a precious entity and fully equipped nurses can be an asset to help protect this valuable commodity. I would be an automatic fit for this recommendation as I have always been a strong believer of this concept and practiced it in my life so far and would love to see everyone associated with my profession do the same.

Improving the education is always a good option for any individual associated with all kinds of professions as it increases the ability to compete in job market. The nursing profession is no different and follows the same track although the current job market in nursing profession is driven by traits like experience and skill level. The increase in education level might well not produce quick results for me in current job market but with the passage of time the thinking will change and it will increase my chances dramatically to get best job opportunities for myself. The future of nursing profession is going to be dependent upon education level more than other parameters and the day it happens it will change the whole scenario.

The increase in education will help me to play an important role in the future of nursing as I would be equipped with the latest education credentials. I would be playing a critical role in the nursing arena and with the passage of time as things are changing at a rapid pace one needs to possess everything in the pocket to respond to these changes. The education level would help me to play a constructive role for transforming this profession into a more stable and liked profession. The role is going to change with increase in education level as from a worker it is going to transform into a leader.  

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