Sample essay :What can be done to prevent divorce?

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 It could be really a tricky thing to prevent divorce as this journey is packed with dangers and to sail through troubled seas of arguments, broken hearts, small niggles and hurt feelings of married life might easily lead to point of desperation for most men and women. The task of finding out how to prevent divorce is by no doubt uphill in nature and all the solutions seem to mean nothing as raw emotions bring everything down. However this can be avoided provided both the partners act pragmatically by empathizing with each other, displaying level of flexibility, stopping hostility and work collaboratively to uncover the real issues.

The first step of preventing divorce is to empathize with your partner which requires catering to the emotional needs of your partner more than the material ones. If your partner complains you don’t participate in household activities, say yes, I agree with that and you do a lot more work than me. You bypassed actually doing the chores and instead focused on emotional dimension of things. Similarly flexibility plays a great part in helping avoid divorce as both the partners should be good enough to accept and celebrate difference of opinion.

Furthermore hostility which is usually the first barrier that develops in problematic marriages should be discouraged at all costs if we aim at avoiding divorce. Usually both people make a claim and never back down as they do not want to lose the argument and feel hard done by. This is a poisonous attitude in a relationship where you are supposed to work together. In the same way it has been found that most arguments are based on insignificant things like money matters, household chores and personal habits which calls for calming down an argument. The long and short of it all is that divorce can be prevented if both the husband and wife have a positive attitude and will to tolerate the differences, stop the emergence of hostility and develop ability to navigate true feelings in right kind of atmosphere.  


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