Book Review / Secrets of Successful Students

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The book by Amen on the secrets of success for students offers advices on how students can be their best in schools. It gives many insights to students who are both striving and working hard become more efficient in their academic pursuit.  Amen (2005, p.14-29) talks about his secrets of moving from an  average learner in his high school, to graduating with high grades from college and becoming among the best in his class.

The advice about changing habits and finding success in school is highly critical to me and I remember it. Amen (2005, p.35) underscores what is takes to change one’s habits and be successful in school. The principles he outlines are fundamental because they affect many students in schools today, especially in my academic pursuit. In this book, Amen (2005) shares his success story with audacity. His book has been a brilliant way to getting the best out of the learning opportunities I have had in school.

 Learning how to identify and transform my bad study habits, prepare well for classes while decreasing the overall study time, improving my writing and speaking skills, organize my class work, time and myself, and get the most from my lectures and notes have helped my become the best student.  Moreover, learning to change my study habits has given me the power and the right way to prepare for a successful study life. I have managed to develop a solid understanding about success and becoming the best in what I do. The book by Amen (2005) has been a source and remains a source of inspiration towards my successful career as a first class student. 


Amen, D. G. (2005). The secrets of successful students: How to be your best in school. Newport Beach, Ca: Mindworks Press.

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